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GUNS Magazine March 2013 Digital Edition - Page 20

need For speed? slow down, be Happy. T Clint sMitH PHotos: Heidi sMitH he skill using firearms and how to train with them is in a constant state of flux even though the actual tool itself and how to use it effectively hasn’t changed much over the last 100 years or so. Sadly, happily or logically if you look at your sighting system, keep it properly aligned and discharge the weapon by firing—usually a result of pressing the trigger well—the projectile hits the target, which still today remains to be the point of the exercise, I believe. For many of us regular gun homeowners or what editor Jeff calls Sam & Suzie homemakers, much of the Outdoorsy Channel “gun” programming is based on competitions and the shooting fast, run and gun that goes with it and… might be a bit beyond most of us? I grasp the concept and actually understand TV needs to be active and exciting, even though a 1-hour show is only about 35 minutes in duration after they Good solid equipment and good skills with a touch of reality might save the day. A rifle, shotgun or handgun— whatever you choose—along with a phone, first aid and fire stuff might come in handy. Although not always cool or vogue the shotgun for example is still a solid fight changer. Patterns at 15 feet with a variety of shot sizes show the potential lethal results. The patterns marked 30" with No. 6 and 7-1/2 shot show the potential of the average duck gun. repeat and repeat the redundant, redundant stuff again and again echo, echo. Watch one and you’ll get it. It’s like watching the goofy State of the Union address and just when you think it is over somebody from the other party comes on and tells us what we just heard like we’re stupid and didn’t understand English or that we all don’t already know that both sides of the political aisle are fulla crooks. By now we all got it. TV SPEED VS. REAlITy So, just after the guy on Outdoorsy Run & Gun TV tells us we gotta shoot fast like the “experts” another guy comes on and tells us we gotta shoot fast. Or what? Like what happens if we don’t shoot fast? What happens if we shoot first to hit the target and then do it as quick as we can—but we hit the target first and foremost? The speed we need to shoot at is a speed that we can—and will—hit the target effectively. We could or should train to hit the target regularly and then increase the distance and or reduce the size of the target so as to continue to increase and change the challenge. We get better because we press ourselves. A timer may help us to gain skill if used as a tool to tell us where we are. The timer will not tell us if we will be a success or failure in a future gunfight. The timer can show 20 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • M A R C H 2 0 1 3

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