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GUNS Magazine March 2012 Digital Edition - Page 85

Featuring: JaCOB gOttFreDSOn Good stuff n tricking out a rifle, we occasionally run across things of quality design, reliable and just plan work for the job at hand. I don’t know about you, but this is part of what keeps my hand in the gun game: new innovations, advances in technology and a better mouse trap. I The aTlas Bipod The designer/owner of this advanced bipod sent it to me nearly a year ago. I have since used it on many occasions, testing it in the extreme. Atlas brings some innovative features to the table for prone shooters. It not only folds flat in either direction, but also at 45 degrees. Depressing a knurled ring allows the bipod to be extended. The Atlas bipod is perfect for prone shooting and sniper competitions. The company provides several means of attachment. The sling swivel attachment is simple and easy. The rifle I mounted it on has a rail under the forearm. The Atlas rail mounting bracket works well and fit my rifle like a glove. I have noticed an increase in use of the Atlas in competition. With the solid strength and versatility of the bipod, it is easy to understand why. Construction is from T6061 Alu- A matched set of Chimera Titanium Tactical Rings. The rings are serial numbered together, lightweight and strong. Chimera TaCTiCal rings Chimera Tactical Rings are titanium, making them lightweight and rugged. They represent extreme strength, using six 8-32 cap screws per ring, and each ring provides 3.75 square inches of clamping area. They are precision bored to +/-0.002" in matched sets. These are made for use on a Picatinny rail, which affords easy on, easy off when scope changes or maintenance is required. They are sold in high 1.060", medium .940" and short .842". The ring bodies are rated at 83,000 pounds per inch, and the cross bolt at 120,000 pounds per inch. The rings are easy and fast to install. They are sold as serial numbered match sets. But rings are not Tactical Rifles’ only expertise. The firm’s custom rifles shoot in a “hole.” tactical riFleS, iNc. 38439 5th ave. #186 zePhyrhillS, Fl 33542 (877) 811-4867 www.GUNSMaGaziNe.coM/tactical-riFleS The Atlas Bipod from B&T Industries L.L.C. This photo shows one leg extended and the other collapsed to indicate the extremes of extension (5" to 9"). With an approximate setting in one of the notches and the use of a squeeze bag, the exact elevation is quickly attained. 85 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M

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