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GUNS Magazine Digital March 2011 - Page 86

lancer Systems l5 Magazine Clint Smith agazines, being the ammunition source for semi-automatic M firearms, are, of course, important One of the best things I heard was a Salinas, Calif. cop who said, “I was afraid I’d broke it setting my fat butt on the mag grinding it into the gravel, I picked it up and it worked fine.” The translucent magazine is easy to see through and has stoutmetal feed lips molded into the body for reliable feeding. The L5 has nontip or cant followers and high-quality springs. The rubber-like magazine baseplate is a very good part that lots of other magazine makers should look at. Bluntly, perception could be the Lancer L5 might be feeble or frail. The bottom line reality is the magazines are strong, reliable, well The 1 pound, 15 ounce Battlelab Trauma made and function. Good stuff. Intervention Kit contains 101 items necessary lAnCer systems 7566 morris Ct., suite 300 Allentown, pA 18106 (610) 973-2600, www.gunsmAgAzine. Com/lAnCer for serious injury far from help. to how the system functions. Several times in my lifetime, there have been attempts by a naïve government to regulate a firearm’s theoretical rates of fire by regulating the magazine capacity by people who do not understand, serious people know how to load the system they use regardless of capacity. Small magazines simply mean more manipulation and the smaller the magazine the more reloads a shooter might need. Small magazines might modify the rate of fire but not the marksmanship ability of the person behind the gun. Battlelab Trauma Intervention Kit John Connor mong my many quests in life— A for the best cheeseburger, best .45 ACP round, best dog toy—I’ve included hook-and-loop closed strap. There are also two detachable elastic leg straps, plus a loop-pile patch and MOLLE webbing on the front to attach other pouches or accessories. This is an ideal kit for remote area wanderings, vacations and road trips. And remember, the life you save might be your own… The BTIK is available in black, coyote brown, ranger green, CRYE camo, etc., for $105.95. You couldn’t buy the contents individually for that price. DiAmonDbACk tACtiCAl 23040 n. 11th AVe. blDg. 1 phoenix, Az 85027 (800) 735-7030, www.gunsmAgAzine.Com/ DiAmonDbACktACtiCAl The Lancer System L5 magazines went through three 1,000-round rifle classes with no trouble. With the strong possibility I’ll see another attempt to regulate firearms and or magazines, I always look for good magazines. Lancer Systems makes translucent AR-15/ M16 magazines in versions that hold either 20 or 30 rounds. Translucent means some sort of plastic and, with no disrespect intended, the Lancer looks like plastic—but whatever they are made of, it is tougher than a lot of metal I have seen. I just completed pushing the magazines though three 1,000-round rifle schools while having 15 different people run the magazines in 15 different rifles. 86 been looking for the most compact, but fully-loaded, best-organized and easily portable first aid/medical pack, and I found a great one: the Battlelab Trauma Intervention Kit from Diamondback Tactical. This is way more than your typical “ding & ouchie” kit. Designed for military and police users, it’s also ideal for backcountry hunters, boaters and anywhere you’re “off the grid.” The BTIK contains an impressive 101 items, to treat everything from blisters to bellyache and migraines to gunshot wounds, in a tough nylon case measuring just 2.5x6x8.5", weighing only 1 pound, 15 ounces. Go online for a list of contents. The case itself unzips clamshellstyle to lie flat, revealing a sectioned interior. Initially, all contents are encased in two sealed plastic bags. I recommend adding two resealable bags to replace those once they’re opened. The only other supplies I’ve added to this point are a sterilized thin-bladed knife, an IDF tourniquet, two extra pouches of QuikClot for severe hemorrhaging when fast medevac just ain’t happening and a set of Sliver-Gripper Tweezers, though there’s already a forceps in the kit. Even with 100-plus items inside, there’s expansion room. The kit can be hand-carried or quickly attached to a belt with the It’s Magic! Jeff John irchwood Casey No. 77 Magic, B anyway. This water-based black powder solvent is one of the easiest and fastest solvents I’ve ever tried. I used no brushes to clean the musket shown. I just sprayed the inside of the Birchwood Casey’s No. 77 Muzzle Magic Cleaner and Muzzle Magic Foam made clean up of this Brown Bess a snap. WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH 2011

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