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GUNS Magazine Digital March 2011 - Page 68

• P A T C O V E R T • CUTTING FINERy DEFINED Knifemaker Tim Britton’s Serpentine Whittler. he traditional folding knife still has a huge following T among those who like a simple working knife in their pocket. Many who grew up with good ol’ fashioned pocketknives welcome more blades than one for everyday chores and appreciate the history that accompanies them. Custom knifemaker Tim Britton is one of those and he carries on the fine art of making traditional folders with high flair. Britton’s Serpentine Whittler is a refined, handmade 2-blade folder that not only exemplifies the high degree of craftsmanship found in the best handmade knives today, but features all the materials you’d expect in a fine knife. The Whittler’s curvaceous handle has stag scales with 416 stainless steel bolsters, the Wharncliffe main and secondary pen blades are top shelf BG-42 steel (stainless also) with all steel sporting a brushed satin finish. Wharncliffe style blades have a flat edge, which make for excellent utility cutting (electrician’s prefer it for wire stripping) and—as the name implies—excels at whittling. The small pen can be used for everything KNIFE: SERPENTINE WHITTlER MaKer: TiM BriTTon 5645 Murray rd. WinSTon-SaleM, nC 27106 (336) 923-2062 WWW.gunSMagazine.CoM/ TiMBriTTon BlADE MATERIAl: BG-42 stainless steel BlADE lENGTH: OVERAll lENGTH (ClOSED): WEIGHT: Wharncliffe main 2.75", pen 2" 3.5" Stag with 416 stainless steel bolsters PRICE: HANDlE: 2 ounces $325 Tim Britton brings a touch of class to the gentleman’s folding knife. from cleaning your nails to detail work, such as opening letters and small packages. In essence, this folder will handle everything you need in a pocketknife and has all the right stuff to give you a lifetime of service. At $325, as shown, Tim’s Serpentine Whittler is not for every budget, but for those who appreciate the best in quality, blades that walk and talk and the beauty of stag in hand, this folder has it all. Other handle materials such as jigged bone, burl wood and pearl are available, and the knifemaker offers it all up in a zippered fleecelined pouch. Britton offers other traditional pocketknife patterns and makes a pretty mean group of tactical knives as well. WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH 2011 68

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