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GUNS Magazine Digital March 2011 - Page 12

• H O L t B O d I N S O N • ATI-GSG’S SENSAtIONAL 1911 And it’s a .22 LR. n endearing quality of the .22 rimfire is it can, and A has been, chambered in every significant handgun and rifle design since its inception. The great benefit of the rimfire’s adaptability is we can enjoy a variety of “understudy” firearms. By “understudy,” I mean a rimfire handgun or rifle that approximates the style, size, features, weight and handling characteristics of a classic centerfire model. Good examples would be the Winchester Model 52, Kimber M-57M, CZ 452 or Anschutz 1710D for a bolt action; a Marlin 39A, Browning BL-22 or one of the many Henry models for a lever action; a Colt/Walther M4/M16, Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 or Ruger SR-22 for an AR, a Freedom Arms Model 83 or 97, Taurus Tracker, EAA Bounty Hunter, S&W M 617 or Ruger Single-Six for a revolver. However, when it comes to the semi-automatic handgun, a rimfire Model 1911 clone clearly dominates the field like the Kimber Tactical, Colt Ace, Chiappa 1911-22 and the latest entry, German Sport Guns’ GSG-1911. Walking into any gun shop in town, I’m always asked, “What’s new?” Sometimes I have a tidbit and sometimes I don’t. If I don’t, I ask them, “What’s new?” Strolling into Murphy’s Gunshop in Tucson, Arizona, recently, Chuck Donohue grabbed me by the arm and asked if I had seen the new GSG-1911. I hadn’t. From the rimfire handgun case, he pulled out one of the nicest 1911 rimfire clones I’ve ever had the pleasure of handling. The magazine fed roundnose and hollowpoint ammo flawlessly, including cone-pointed Aguila Colibri. features Galore It had all those nice bells-andwhistle type features we look for in an enhanced model. Working the action and then dry firing it, I asked what kind of a price tag it was carrying. When Donohue responded I could walk out of the door with it for $329.95, the fellow standing behind me asked if they had another one in A 35-ounce scaled copy of the 1911 in .22 LR, the GSG-1911 shot extremely well and was, of course, quite familiar in operation. stock! A few minutes later, I did walk out the door with that GSG-1911. Two-years ago in these pages, we reviewed German Sport Guns’ rimfire clone of the HK MP-5. It was spectacular in its details and the quality of its machining so spectacular, in fact, that HK lowered the legal boom on GSG, prohibiting them from manufacturing any more rimfire MP-5s. Also, if you own a GSG-5 SD with the original fake suppressor on the barrel, contact GSG immediately to get a replacement suppressor unit. The BATF has ruled the original fakesuppressor design is in violation of the National Firearms Act, and that is one act you do not want to be on the wrong side of. While GSG has turned its sights to other new projects, what’s interesting is Germany is becoming a hotbed for cloned classics. Recently imported were accurately machined copies, albeit in semi-automatic mode, of the German MP-38 “Schmeisser” in 9mm and the MP-44 “Sturmgewehr” in 7.92x33. Running $4,000 and $5,000 respectively, they’re costly clones. That’s why the GSG-1911, retailing for $329.95 is such an excellent value for the quality you receive at a time when the value of the dollar is scraping along the bottom. full Size If someone were to hand me a GSG-1911 rimfire, and I didn’t look at the chamber, I would swear it was an enhanced .45 ACP at first glance. It has the same dimensions, weight and feel of a standard size Model 1911 with a 5" barrel, and with the exception of a few small parts like the 12 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH 2011

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