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GUNS Magazine Digital March 2011 - Page 44

John Taffin ave you ever had defeat snatched from the jaws of victory?! Have you ever waited a long time for something really special and then watched it disappear before your eyes? If so you can empathize with me. Last winter I heard Tactical Solutions, which has long offered aftermarket parts and especially lightweight barrels for Ruger and Browning .22s, would soon be offering their own .22 Long Rifle semi-automatic rifle. Naturally, I ordered one. It was to have a red fluted barrel, red receiver, and a red laminated Raptor stock. For most of my life it has always been blued steel and walnut when it came to rifles, but I must admit to really liking the colored rifles offered by Tactical Solutions. H Dan at Tactical says their products are “life-changing” and I guess he is correct, as Diamond Dot has her Purple Passion .22 and I have the Camo Carbine and Green Machine all built on Ruger 10/22 receivers. The new red one was to be a really special rifle for me. I had possession of it from the time I picked it up at Tactical Solutions, drove the 15 minutes home and stepped in the door. Diamond Dot’s office is in the living room and as I opened the door and entered I heard “I want that!” before I closed the door behind me. It is a good thing Idaho is a Community Property state as the only way I will be able to shoot this Red Rifle is by borrowing it! It only seemed fitting the Red Rifle should have a red scope, but since she had “requisitioned” the rifle I let Diamond Dot pay for the scope. We ordered a Leupold FX-1 4x28mm rimfire scope and had it red anodized by the Leupold Custom Shop. Leupold’s Custom Shop offers several anodized finishes on their line of scopes including red and various other colors as well as camo patterns. Our experience with Tactical Solutions .22 conversions go back several years. Our local club holds .22 bull’s-eye matches in which Diamond Dot wanted to participate. However, we ran into a major problem. She found out she could not hold up a Ruger .22 semi-automatic pistol as she just did not have enough strength in her shoulders. The doctor went in with the thought of stretching her rotator muscles, however they were torn too badly for this to be done. The answer had to be found elsewhere, and the elsewhere turned out to be a lightweight Tactical Solutions replacement barrel on a Ruger .22 MKII. The lighter weight allowed her to shoot well enough with two hands to not only compete but beat many of the men. All of the Pac-Lite .22 barrels offered by Tactical Solutions are machined from solid aircraft aluminum, equipped with a hardened stainless steel ejector and the actual barrel is a .22 steel liner. These liners are premium button rifled chrome moly steel with a twist rate of 1:16". This style barrel carries over to their Ultra Lightweight 10/22 barrels. As mentioned earlier we already have three Tactical Solutions Ultra Lightweight rifles built on the Ruger Notice the extended magazine release on the Tactical Solutions X-Ring .22 (above) and the Picatinny rail machined integrally with the receiver. John will have the rings finished in red soon to match the rest of the rifle. The Tactical Solutions barrel (below) is a thin steel rifled liner in an aluminum sleeve. The forearm of the red laminated Raptor stock on the Tactical Solutions X-Ring Red Rifle curves down giving the whole rifle a racy look. 10/22 platform. One is finished in camo, one is green and the other is purple, with each one matched up with a similarly colored stock. They are great little rifles and we enjoy them immensely; however, in each case it was necessary to acquire a complete Ruger 10/22 and discard everything except the receiver. Actually in only two cases, as for the third rifle I amazingly found a 10/22 action only in a local gun shop. Now that really doesn’t make sense as one would think it would be easy to find all parts except the action. I still wonder what happened to the rest of the gun. The Tactical Solutions rifle is custom built from the ground up using many of the firm’s options starting with the X-Ring receiver, dimensionally the same as the Ruger 10-22, so the huge panoply of optional parts can be employed. 44 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH 2011

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