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GUNS Magazine Digital March 2011 - Page 36

JOHN TAFFIN The same thing has happened in the firearms industry and manufacturers, such as Magnum Research, are now offering sixguns with features, which have heretofore only been found on custom revolvers. Magnum Research has been offering their BFR (Biggest Finest Revolver) for some time now in several cylinder and frame sizes and their latest offering is the Shorty Forty-Four. The BFR was offered several decades ago as the D-Max revolver. Magnum Research took over, not only greatly increasing production, but also turning this revolver into a high quality factory/ custom offering. A hard-hitting, easy-packing .44 Magnum from Magnum Research. uch of my high school class time was spent M dreaming over gun catalogs. Anyone from that era will remember the breathtaking pictures of custom rifles SHORty fORty-fOUR Now to the Shorty The Shorty Forty-Four is an all stainless steel 5"-barreled sixgun with several custom features. A fully adjustable rear sight is mated up with a ramp-front sight, which is attached to the barrel with a screw. With factory .44 Magnum loads available in bullet weights from 165 grains up to and including 340 grains, even an adjustable rear sight can’t always cover such a range in point of impact. Magnum Research solves this problem by including three different height front-sight blades. The heavier the bullet normally the higher the front sight needs to be. In addition to this excellent sighting system the massive flat-topped frame is drilled and tapped for a scope-mount base, which is included. The barrel features a recessed muzzle crown that aids in preventing dinging of the muzzle (which can result in accuracy going south very quickly). in the Weatherby and Herter’s catalogs. It wasn’t long before my main interest switched to sixguns, especially custom sixguns. At the time, all I could do was dream. It was also about this same time those who specialized in customizing cars began to be noticed as a whole industry grew up, mostly in california. Someday I would have the custom guns and a custom car. Groups fired with the Magnum Research .44 Magnum show the revolver is capable of fine accuracy. In 1956, fresh out of high school, I bought a 1949 Ford Club Coupe, V-8 stick shift (of course) and set about customizing it. I bull-nosed the hood with fiberglass, added fender skirts and twin pipes, and soon discovered my dream car was eating deeply into my gun budget. I sold the car to a friend who won many drag races with it and I settled down with a ’53 Merc 2-door hardtop that needed nothing but driving. My gun budget was safe. It was also about this same time custom gunsmiths, specializing especially in 1911s, did their magic on War surplus .45s. There had always been a few custom sixgunsmiths such as Pop Eimer, J.D. O’Meara and R.F. Sedgley going back to the time between the two World Wars, however it would be the 1970s before we really saw the advent of the modern era of the custom sixgunsmith. Today we have the best craftsmen who ever lived plying their trade and there are several dozen all with a heavily backlogged schedule. The custom carmakers of California were soon noticed by car manufacturers who began to incorporate some custom styling ideas in the cars coming from Detroit. SHORty fORty-fOUR MAKER: MAGNuM RESEARcH 130 GoDDARD MEMoRIAL DR. WoRcHESTER, MA 01603 (508) 635-4273 WWW.GuNSMAGAzINE.coM/ MAGNuMRESEARcH Single-action revolver .44 Magnum CAPACIty: BARREL LENGtH: OvERALL LENGtH: CALIBER: ACtION tyPE: 5 5" 54 ounces Brushed stainless steel Adjustable Rear Sight; Interchangeable Front Pachmayr rubber PRICE: GRIPS: SIGHtS: fINISH: WEIGHt: 11.25" $1,050 36 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH 2011

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