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GUNS Magazine Digital March 2011 - Page 20

• C L I N t S M I t H • The colt Single Action for self-defense. have carried a handgun in one form or another for 40 I years and—without reservation—95 percent has been for protection either in the military or as a law enforcement officer, with the majority of carry time being done as a civilian for my personal protection. Having taught for most of that time, I have had a lot of time to just shoot guns with the other odd five percent, in which the guns saw use in competition activities—though I was never much good at killing bowling pins, paper B27s or the occasion dastardly steel-plate cowboy. While doing all this, sometimes I carried guns others might never consider as a carry gun. I mostly did so because I could or to confirm ideas The Single Action is very slow to reload. Maybe you should think about carrying two? tRUE GRIt? and concepts I had been mulling over in the self-defense category. About 10- or 12-years ago I shot and carried a Single Action Army revolver (with, of course, the only true SAA being a Colt). Before anyone rips the editor about how my choice is not correct—you can carry whatever you want—I am just telling you my personal feelings and experience. So a 4-3/4"-barreled Colt .45 SAA it is. Anyways, the gun was pretty interesting and raised some unique concepts and thoughts for personal protection use. Mostly I did the research with someone who can shoot a single action top notch, Mike Venturino… even though he is on a submachine gun and a jeep or two binge—y’all (as they say in Texas) shouldn’t pick on him so much. He is “learning” stuff, like me, by trying out concepts and mostly having fun doing it. Bottom line: My baby brother can shoot the SAA. So I had him do a few draw and fire and shoot stuff drills comparing his SAA skills (he shoots a Colt too!) and his newer acquired skills with a 1911, which some people consider a worthy piece for protection even at it’s advanced age—I know the advanced feeling—anyways the kid did pretty good (see the sidebar). the Carry I carry the SAA in two formats, with the first being a good, old modern Milt Sparks Summer Special made up for the 4-3/4"-barreled revolver. As a good holster should, it covers the triggerguard, doesn’t rock on the belt while carried or move when you draw from it. The gun doesn’t bother me inside the waistband but, admittedly, it might be a bother to some. I’ve just carried in an IWB for decades so my butt has the permanent IWB dent and I’m used to it. Good concealed carry guns for their time—and their time could still be now. They include (top to bottom) the Colt .45 Single Action Army, Colt Sheriff’s Model .45 and Colt D.A. Lighting .38. the “Real favorite” Carry Although the Suspender Holster is not modern, I like it a lot and use it often. For lack of a better or more WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH 2011 20

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