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GUNS Magazine March 2010 - Page 82

money back. I just couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to run his hands over the rifle as he looked at his trophies and recalled the hunting trips. It seemed to me he was just driven to somehow go through the motions without any emotions. ack Pender was a very special friend who died of lung cancer Something was surely causing him to in the ’90s when he was much too young. If we are blessed we hunt every year but for some reason he just saw the rifle as a useful tool which make a few very close friends as we travel through this life; Jack had no use after the trip. I suppose he was such a friend. We “met” when he was in Colorado visiting probably bought a new car every year another friend of mine, the late Deacon Deason of BearHug Grips. also. Something is missing without pride He called me from Deac’s place just to say hello and I wound up of ownership. Even if I could afford it I visiting him in Georgia the following year. would not buy a new truck every year. My 4x4 is now 13-years old, He made arrangements for with 69,000 miles and still in me to meet all his shooter friends excellent shape. I take pride at the Savanna Rifle & Pistol in it and care for it. I basically Club and it was a memorable use it only to go shooting. I experience. The reason it was so can’t imagine replacing it just memorable is the fact we were because something is newer. both shooting pop cans offhand I know very few shooters at 100 yards with Jack’s 7-1/2" who only see firearms as simple Freedom Arms .454. We could tools like a chainsaw or a lawn not miss. The other shooters mower. I’ve been accumulating were very impressed, however firearms for 55 years so there the fact is we just happened to is no doubt there are some be “on” that day and any other which are rarely used, if at all. time could easily have missed But that does not negate pride with every shot. of ownership nor personal Jack had his own business attachment as there are pleasant designing fancy homes for memories attached to every well-to-do customers. He took one of them. Good times with me to a special section to show friends and family, hunting me some of the homes he had trips, silhouette shoots, cowboy designed. I felt like I should be action matches, just plain trimming the lawn or something woods bumming, plinking, not just driving around and long-range shooting at rocks, looking. I guess I didn’t feel wandering around sagebrush, comfortable being surrounded foothills, forest, and mountains. by so much wealth. Jack told Even though they may never me about one of his customers Taffin is too emotionally involved with his first true hunting handgun to be used much anymore, pride who was a hunter. Every year ever sell it. of ownership prevents me from he took a trip to some exotic selling them, at least at this point location and his house was filled with the rifle. To me that was something so of my life, and I hope most of them will trophies from all over the world. What strange it belonged in Ripley’s Believe someday be enjoyed by my grandsons was strange was the fact he did not own It or Not. I simply could not understand and their grandsons. a single firearm. Before leaving on each how anyone would not want to hang If I were a betting man I would trip he would buy a new rifle, sight it in, onto special rifles which he had shared wager most reading this right now still go on his special safari of choice, gather so many hunting trips with. It wasn’t in his trophies, return home, and sell as if he needed to sell them to get his continued on page 81 PriDe of oWnerShiP If you have it, you know. J 82 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH 2010

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