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GUNS Magazine March 2010 - Page 78

ODD ANGRY SHOT • JOHN CONNOR • Black rifle BUffeT Gussy ’er up. think of this?” Choosing optics for ARs depends heavily on what you want it to do at what distance. There are multitudes of with one. So, I bought two.” What a great reason to buy an AR! makers and lots of junk, so I’ll mention Several similar messages followed. A couple dozen other e-mails just a few electronic CQB sights I’ve were from readers, both experienced AR users and those new used and trust. Aimpoint red dots are the Army’s to the platform, asking for recommendations on everything from choice, with unlimited eye relief, long magazines, backup iron sights and collapsible stocks to singlebattery life, and you don’t even have to point sling. center the dot in the glass: If your dot is on target, your round is too. Their In the interest of saving my you can stuff 31 rounds into a 30-round CompM4 is the newest, but there are sausage-fingers from Terminal-Tappin’ MagPul mag, but load only 30! Properly lots of fine used CompM2s and M3s Syndrome, and presuming even more loaded, your top round will be on the out there which will serve you well at of you might have the same questions, right (cartridge pointing forward) with about half the price. Note: The M-series let me answer you here, OK? I’ll give about 2mm of “push” play. sights are compatible with NVDs— you a Web site list too, but in many Night Vision Devices—and the MLSights, Slings cases you’ll need to get on the Internet series sights are not. and other Things and fire up search engines to find the EOTech’s HWS—Holographic best deals—and there are some great There are scads of decent backup Weapon Sight—projects a 65-MOA bargains to be had! iron sights (BUIS) out there, from ring and 1-MOA center dot combination In polymer magazines, MagPul Midwest Industries, LaRue Tactical, on its screen. It’s a superfast closemags are superb, top-quality, tough and GG&G, and Troy Industries to name a quarters unit, proven in combat. Even if reliable. There are 20- and 30-round few. For a solid, adjustable non-folding the screen is broken, the holograph will Standard PMAGs, my choice, the appear—and be functional—in 30-round MagLevel PMAG with the unbroken area! As with the transparent round-count windows, Aimpoints, many older units are and the EMAG, which is optimized available and still very effective. for non-AR platforms like the Note: If you have a flattop carbine, HK-416, FN SCAR, British I recommend mating the EOTech SA-80 and others, but absolutely HWS with a Rock River Arms compatible with ARs too. All have Dominator2 mount. It includes self-leveling anti-tilt followers and an A2 rear sight, and places the premium springs. You can order EOTech’s center dot just above direct from the Web site or lots of your front iron sight post. dealers stock them. If you’re concerned about battery In metal mags, Brownells has a failure and you’re “Leupold-loyal,” current US military contract, and Premium Filet of Pmag, drizzled with spicy mS2 Sling sauce—yum! check out the Prismatic Tactical. their mags are terrific. They’re It features a bright red illuminated available in 20- and 30-round, gray or aperture rear sight which co-witnesses circle imposed on crosshairs, and if your SOCOM tan, with your choice of a mil- with most optics, check out Kiser battery is off or dead the reticle is etched spec stainless spring or Brownells’ own Munitions. For fast-orienting foldable in the glass in black so you’ll always be chrome silicon spring which is coated front and rear sights, you’ll have to see good-to-go. Typically superior Leupold with a dry lube and is highly corrosion and read up on Diamondhead Sights glass is encased in the thickest, toughest resistant. Order ’em direct from to appreciate the advantages this new tube Leupold has ever made; virtually Brownells. I’ve used good mags from sight set can provide. I’ve been tracking bombproof. Colt and Fusil, among others, but I don’t them since their first prototypes, and the All three above are extremely rugged think Brownells mags can be beaten. current design is absolutely outstanding. and allow you to move and shoot with Note: These are the only “30-round” Quicker and more certain on close- both eyes open—a huge plus! mags I recommend loading with a full range snap shots and more accurate on Slings… Individual tastes are so 30 rounds—many others suffer binding longer ones, Diamondhead Sights are picky-particular, I’ll just tell you about and feeding problems when loaded with based on geometry so simple that like one I came across recently that I really more than 28 rounds. Also be aware me, you’ll ask yourself “Why didn’t I like: MagPul’s MS2 Multi-Mission Sling. 78 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH 2010 ne reader wrote and said, “I’m a turn-bolt rifleman. I never O had any interest in ARs until it became clear our current rulers (the politicians) didn’t want me to have one, and wouldn’t trust me

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