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GUNS Magazine February 2012 Digital Edition - Page 13

SRM 1216 Maker: SrM arMS, Inc. 4375a W. McMIllan rd. MerIdIan, Id 83646 (888) 269-1885 WWW.gunSMagazIne.coM/SrM-arMS Action: Semi-auto, roller-locked delayed blowback, cAliber: 12 gauge, 2-3/4" and 3", cApAcity: 16, bArrel length: 18.5", overAll length: 34.5", height: 8", Weight: 6.5 pounds w/o magazine, 7.5 w/ magazine, retAil: $2,400 yourself. If you want a custom screwin choke, buy it, but make sure it is screwed all the way into the gun. I have seen many screw-in chokes go sailing downrange with a load of shot. Keep ’em tight. All of the choke in factory shotgun barrels is in the last nominal 2" or so of the barrel, so if you cut a 30" fullchoke barrel off to make it “handy,” you also made it a cylinder bore, or in technical terms a “friggin’ straight pipe.” It will be OK inside your house, but don’t count on it much for passing overhead duck hunting gigs. As always buy good ammunition. Reduced load shotgun ammunition is a godsend to all of us interested in self-defense. The old 3", 12-gauge 00-Buck magnum loads ruined a lot of people to shotgun shooting, so pass on it at every chance. Shoot your ammo type selection on paper and at varying distances to confirm pattern size. Don’t blow off birdshot. (Note to the forum “experts” saying birdshot is for birds: You don’t want to take a load of No. 6 shot in the face down a hallway.) I didn’t say birdshot was my first choice, I said don’t blow it off as ineffective. Your choice, but would you rather go down the hallway with a baseball bat, or wait for the bad guy to come to you and shoot him with a No. 7-1/2 skeet load in the crotch? Gun types These are pretty well defined: single barrel, double barrel, pump action and semi-auto of either recoil or gas operation. Single barrels can be shot well. You just need to practice loading. Double barrels can be shot twice as well, but you still need to practice loading. Pump actions need to be cycled with the pump elbow under the gun to confirm positive cycling of the action, and again you need to practice loading. Semis of gas or recoil types unload pretty fast if you like shooting fast. They need to be watched if fighting from the ground to confirm proper reciprocation of the action due to lack of operator resistance behind the gun. And you need to practice loading. A consistent theme appears to be you need to practice loading. It has been since the beginning of shotguns. The magazine partially removed for replacement. The tube easily snaps in and out of place. Not your father’s duck gun, the SRM 1216 is a 16-shot, self-defense semi-auto. srm 1216 So if the loading thing bothers you, here is a thought. Based on where you live, and give or take a duck hunt, for personal defense consider the SRM 1216. I tested the prototypes about two years ago and the production guns having been shipping for some time now. It is an odd duck, sort of. The 1216 is a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun. It can shoot either 2-3/4" or 3" (we covered the 3" thing earlier) shotgun ammunition. The trick part is the gun uses a detachable magazine that is not allowed in California and other weirdo places. It has four separate, but attached tubes, with each tube holding four shells, hence 1216—a 12 gauge with four tubes times four shells equals 16. The gun is a delayed roller blowback semi-automatic. The trick part is after the fourth round is fired, the bolt holds back. The shooter pushes a forward-mounted lever and the The lever below the barrel is the magazine release lever that allows the tubes to rotate. The flat, serrated lever angled below the barrel is the actual press-and-release lever so the magazine tube can be removed and or replaced. The SRM magazine holds four rounds in each tube. This is a good end view of the magazine tube while unlocked from the 1216 shotgun. shooter’s hand rotates a new 4-round tube into alignment, the action closes and the fight is on. Repeat as required for two more times. Total 16, and if you shoot all 16 rounds of 12-gauge ammo, you have gotten yourself into a big fight, or you need to shoot better. Should it be a big fight, it is scary quick and easy for the now empty magazine to be quickly lowered out and replaced with a new fullyloaded tube. The gun is completely ambidextrous in set up. The SRM 1216 is not cheap, but it works and holds 16 rounds of 12-gauge ammunition. I have a Remington 870 because I have had it for 40 years. I have a Mossberg 500 because it is way functional and way affordable. The SRM 1216 shotgun holds more ammunition than both of those two guns put together. If you want a shotgun for home defense and you are in a quandary about loading a shotgun, there might be a new chapter in the continuing saga of the defensive shotgun—chapter SRM 1216. W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M 13

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