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GUNS Magazine Digital February 2011 - Page 71

.22 Rimfire Chamber Ironing Swage Mike cumpston raditionally, owners of .22 rimfire T rifles and pistols are warned against dry-firing these arms to avoid up and a warning that more serious chamber damage could be waiting in the wings. A friend put me onto the T.W. Menck Chamber Ironing Swage available through Brownells. The tapered, hardened chamber swage is introduced to the damaged chamber with the flat aspect facing the dent. Rotating the swage pushes the displaced metal back into proper register. There are several options for accomplishing this simple sequence. The most straightforward involves using the handle of the tool to rotate the instrument. Full directions are included in the package. I applied the Ironing Swage to my revolver chambers with subsequent live firing demonstrating the tool completely eliminated my extraction problems. The Swage costs only $21.95. t.w. menck gunsmitH inc. 5703 s. 77tH st., ralston, ne 68127 For web links, go to The Gorilla can be used with either handguns or rifles and, while it is a little heavy to place on the hood of my pickup, it works just fine on the EZ-Rider reinforced bed cover. The Gorilla Range Bag can be used with either handguns or rifles and provides a stable platform for either. chamber damage from the impact of the firing pins. Nevertheless, many older .22s present sticky extraction from burred chambers. For the most part, modern rimfires are pretty good about isolating the firing pin strike from the chambers, thus making dryfiring an acceptable practice. This is not always the case. My model 617 developed burrs after a moderate amount of dry-firing. The sticky extraction and visible dings were a constant reminder I had screwed Shooters Ridge Gorilla Bag John Taffin ack in the ’70s and early ’80s I B did a lot of shooting out in the sagebrush desert using what my The hardened swage is tapered to fit .22 chambers of variable diameter. The tool head is threaded for use with a cleaning rod or can be used with an appropriate ratchet wrench. In most cases, the handle provides the easiest means of rotating the swage. The swage enters the chamber with the flat portion aligned with the dent. WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM friends started calling the “Taffin Machine Rest.” Using a long 3' wide piece of carpeting I would roll it up tight and then put several wraps of duct tape around both ends. It worked well for rifles and especially well for pistol shooting off the hood of a vehicle. It was also tough, lightweight and cost practically nothing. Once I got a good solid bench, I started using sandbags covered with a piece of leather for handguns, graduated to a Pistol Perch and then a few years ago my friend Denis built the ultimate handgun rest. It is adjustable, very solid, weighs about 25 pounds and works great off the bench, however, I would never put it up on the hood or heavy-duty cover over the bed of my pick up. The three adjustable legs with their sharp points would wreak havoc on the finish. For shooting in the desert I packed sandbags around for a while but that got to be a nuisance. Now there is a much better way—the Shooters Ridge Gorilla Range Bag. This bag is actually four cylindrical filled bags all attached to each other with a carrying strap. This is definitely not a lightweight affair so the carrying strap comes in very handy. One of the beauties of the Gorilla is how many different ways it can be used. All four cylinders may be laid out on the same level, or two on top, or one on top. A rifle can be used parallel to the cylinders with the forearm snuggled in between two of them, or the bags can be turned 90 degrees with the forearm resting across the center of one cylinder. With handguns the hands can be nestled in between two cylinders or the cylinders can be turned 90 degrees just as with a rifle. It stays in the back of my pickup and when needed, all I have to do is unlock the cover and bring it up top. Even when shooting rifles off the bench I no longer mess with sandbags, but rather just put the Gorilla Bag in place and I’m ready to shoot. The Gorilla Range Bag retails for $85.49. brownells 200 soutH Front street montezuma iowa 50171-1000 (800) 741-0015 sHooters ridge onalaska oPerations n5549 county trunk z onalaska, wi 54650 (800) 635-7656 For web links, go to sHootersridge.Html For web links, go to 71

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