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GUNS Magazine Digital February 2011 - Page 40

I holt Bodinson photos: Robbie Barrkman t’s short, fat, efficient, a 30-caliber, effective on light big game and fits in an Ar-15 rather than an Ar-10 platform. All that’s needed is a drum roll for the introduction of remington’s unique, proprietary .30 remington Ar cartridge now offered in their successful r-15 model. After Remington’s corporate parent, the Freedom Group, acquired two prominent AR makers—DPMS/ Panther Arms and Bushmaster— something had to give and give it has. DPMS and Bushmaster continue to dish up an endless variety of intriguing ARs for us, while Remington has been the recipient of their combined talent and tooling with Remington’s branded lines of R-15s and R-25s. For the last couple of years, Remington’s R-15 has been offered in .223 Remington, .204 Ruger and this year in .450 Bushmaster while their beefed up R-25 (an AR-10 platform) has assumed the big-game slot with chamberings like the .243 Win, 7mm-08 Rem and .308 Winchester. Designing a cartridge for deer-sized game that would mate handily with the familiar AR-15 lower, Remington engineers took a blank piece of paper, or should I say, computer screen, and went to work. Short Case pioneers Remington has been in the centerfire, short business for a long time. Remember Remington’s earlier benchrest shorts—the .22BR, 6BR, 7BR and .30BR? Initially, the factory would only sell the benchrest clan thin-walled, .308 Win forming brass, manufactured with small primer pockets and carrying the “BR” headstamp. Using forming dies and BR stamped brass, benchrest shooters With both hunter and rifle dressed in full camo garb, the semi-automatic R-15 is a great calling-in rifle. 40 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY 2011

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