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GUNS Magazine Digital February 2011 - Page 14

• C L I N T S M I T H • P H O T O S : H E I D I S M I T H • More on use and deployment. here has been much improvement in the quality of lights, T now called illumination systems, over the last decade even though methods of deployment have pretty much stayed the same. Consideration should be given now to upgrading the way we think about using the lights to have our skills step up to the improved quality of the light systems. I personally am not interested in gimmicks like strobes and such when most times the application of good basic techniques for most regular people will solve most problems where illumination systems are required. LIGHTS The idea of turning a light on in in the light pattern when the light is “Pieing” the corner with the light allows you to the middle of a fight is probably a activated. The goal is to center the find the threat before overly exposing yourself. bad idea, but the reality of shooting spot often choreographed with the the wrong person like another family muzzle by the weapon’s mount or by shouldn’t be. I place the spot on or member or my partner is even more adjusting alignment with the hands near their feet and ask for compliance disturbing, as well as dangerous to while holding the hand-held light on while the arc allows me to see any others. So I turn the light on to identify the target when shooting. If searching potential threatening movement. If the target or clarify what I think is the or making contact with a potential, compliance is refused or the suspect target before I fire. I would also turn but not yet determined threat, I would turns into a threat, I simply raise the my light on to find a wall light switch place the spot low at their feet allowing spot and hence the muzzle onto the as an illuminated room will always be the arc light to confirm hands and target and get compliance by gunfire better to fight in than a dark room. help in positive identification. as required by their failure to do the It is duly noted here when the room The action of pointing it at the feet correct thing. lights are turned on the the Clock face “threat” could see me search also but then I prefer to confirm a target before This is easy stuff. shooting (see the above) Simply surgically place and I plan on practicing the light “spot” into my shooting and I can’t the area to be searched know if the threat has with the whole spot bothered. being aligned inside the The lights of today doorway or hall as an come in two forms: example. This placement weapon mounted or keeps the light forward handheld. As students of and prevents the spot weapons craft we—you from back blasting or and I—should be skilled blowing light back into with both systems in case the flashlight operator’s of the failure of either Clint’s three favorite lights by SureFire include the X300 (bottom), which he eyes. If I was clearing a system or the need to use believes is the best light out there for the money. The M620VScout (middle) doorway, moving in from either one or both lights, is the newer white and IR model, which is a solid piece with stout mounting the left side, I place the sometimes separate or 9 o’clock edge of the often together, as two system. The SureFire hand held is the economical G3 LeD polymer body spot on the left edge of lights are better than one. light that is also a good buy and a good light. the doorway which in The light actually has turn places the bulk of two sources of light projection: the means I am not “pointing” the weapon the light into the passageway I am arc of light, which is the widest light at a person until I have confirmed that clearing. The arc of light will often source, and the one that surrounds they are in fact a threat. As an example, illuminate much of the surrounding the brighter spot of light centered I find someone who is in a place they area. You only need to be aware that it 14 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM•FEBRUARY2011

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