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GUNS Magazine Digital February 2011 - Page 60

VNR rightS Watch Open Carry Still Dangerous— Even Where “Legal.” Officer: “Look guy, just show some ID and that just proves who you are.” Brewster: “Open carry is legal in Washington. Unless you have reasonable articulable suspicion to detain me, you don’t need to request ID.” “I n the end,” KING 5 News informs us, “Brewster showed his ID. Deputies did not detain him.” The official response? “If they’re carrying guns around, there’s a strong possibility that somebody is going to come talk to them.” Police are free to do that—as long as it’s understood we’re free to not talk back. That’s not how some Wisconsin open carriers at a restaurant were treated, though. “When police arrived,” the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel relates, “two of the men refused to provide ID and were ticketed for obstruction of justice. Later, those tickets were rescinded but all five men were then cited for disorderly conduct.” “Respect is a two way street,” a Journal-Sentinel editorial declares. “[R]esidents are not legally required to hand over an ID simply for possessing a visible weapon, but we suggest they do it anyway.” What’s to respect about charges being filed over activity the police have no legal say prohibiting? And is the best course to ensure law enforcement is educated on its legitimate authority, or to become a culture where a demand for “your papers” is complied with out of fear? Because official ignorance endangers open carriers, as one in Willowick, Ohio, found out when, per Ohioans for Concealed Carry, he “was ordered to his knees at gunpoint by several police officers.” And the chilling account they relate includes no small amount of disrespect by the enforcers, including blasphemies directed at the detainee. It happened again in Cleveland. The Plain Dealer reported officers with drawn guns forced a “surprised group to… hit the sidewalk bellydown”—and then arrested an open carrier for a concealed carry violation! And that treatment is officially (and illegally) sanctioned: “Cleveland has a local ordinance prohibiting open carry, and police are under orders by Mayor Frank Jackson to continue enforcing the local rules despite the state law.” Also disturbing was a statement an East Palo Alto Police detective made on his Facebook page, laughing because most Californians can’t get concealed carry permits, and must open carry (with unloaded guns) to remain “legal.” “Should’ve pulled the AR out and prone them all out!” he wrote. “And if one of them makes a furtive movement. two weeks off!!” Despite open carry being legal in many states, some in the “pro gun” community condemn attempts to normalize the practice, worried that public backlash will prompt moves to enact laws against it— as was recently unsuccessfully tried in California. The irony of such “logic,” that we must forego exercising a right lest we lose it, appears lost on them. As for the danger open carriers face from police: Affected state attorneys general must direct all sworn personnel be informed of the law. Require them to sign a form, just like they do when they acknowledge understanding other training policies, and put it in their files. Before someone gets killed. Visit David Codrea’s online journal “The War on Guns” at or visit to read his Examiner column. For web links, go to Productindex.Html arry and Brenda Potterfield of L MidwayUSA recently donated $250,000 to the Foundation for the Junior Trapshooters of Missouri, Inc. “Thanks to generous support from people like Larry and Brenda Potterfield, the Foundation for the Junior Trapshooters will continue to serve as a youth shooting program for Missouri,” says William Fienup, Foundation President. “This donation from the Potterfields and MidwayUSA will help us accomplish our vision of developing young trapshooters, the future of our sport.” Potterfields Donate $250,000 to Missouri Junior Trapshooters Continuing a long-standing tradition of supporting the shooting sports, Larry and Brenda Potterfield donated $250,000 to the Foundation for the Junior Trapshooters of Missouri. Established in 1967, the Foundation for the Junior Trap Shooters of Missouri was created to fund instruction and training of trapshooting to Missouri youth and also assists with shooting supplies and safety training. The Foundation is associated with the Missouri Trapshooters Association in Linn Creek, Mo., where hundreds of young Missourians experience and learn the sport of trapshooting each year. Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA remarked, “Brenda and I are excited to support Junior Trapshooters. This organization, in our home state, is focused on developing tomorrow’s shooters today. Changing the future requires us to make the commitment in time and money to support these efforts, and Brenda and I are pleased we can help.” For more information about the Potterfields or MidwayUSA, please visit or call (800) 243-3220. $28.2M Rifle Contract Remington Arms has won a 5-year, $28.2 million contract for upgrade work on 3,600 M24 sniper rifles, the Utica Observer-Dispatch reports. 60 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY 2011

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