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GUNS Magazine February 2010 - Page 24

RANGING SHOTS • CLINT SMITH • SOLVING A PAIN IN THE NECK Where the little .22 Long Rifle shines. lthough I think most of us would attempt to do otherwise, if you A live long enough, I guess you’ll probably do something stupid. I’ve now lived long enough to have done several stupid things; the most recent being the sideways roll downhill on an ATV with me being on the underside of the mechanical beast. For this dose of stupidity, I recently got two steel squares with a slider bar, four screws, a new donor disc and a bone spur removed from its pokey place in my spinal cord. The $30,000 was well spent, but the second-generation stupid thing is that as part of the cure I put myself in a place where I can’t shoot anything for several months. This not shooting for me is almost worse than the cure of the cut throat, push, pull, poke, prod and grind. Then again I really need for this repair to work and I really need to get well. That said, I am behaving myself and doing as I am told especially with all the people yelling at me to “not do this” and “not do that” and you get the point. Never one to let it go, after some conversation, I ended up getting to shoot .22s and no matter what the caliber, shooting is shooting! Picking up lots of sympathy or pity from friends, I have received several things to help me shoot as my body mends, and after doing and working with this .22 stuff, it is actually good. It just worked out that the great ammo shortage of 2009 played right into the whole picture because, me being me, I had .22s stored up. So all and all I get to shoot quite a bit for not a lot of money and—even more importantly—with no neck jarring recoil. Tactical Solutions My AR-type .22 comes from Tactical Solutions Products of Boise, Idaho. The upper has a fixed front sight and TheActionTargetduelingtree(above)provided anexcellenttargetforallthe.22rimfire action.Thepaddlesswingfreelyevenunderthe minimalrecoilofthelittlerimfireandthesound andmovementaremoregratifyingthansimply punchingpaper. TacticalSolutionsAr.22solvedtherifleproblemandtwogreat.22handguns,theSmith&Wesson Model18andtheWilson/Marvel1911.22conversion,helpedkeepClint’shandgunskillscurrent, solvingtheproblemofshootingfirearmswithminimalrecoiluntilthesteelplatesandscrewsin Clint’sneckhealed. 24 a rail-type rear receiver to which I was able to add a set of iron sights and a GG&G Quick Detach scope base with a Leupold scope. The system allowed me to get trigger time and the Tactical Solutions upper set up to my lower has worked without fail. The TSP .22 upper mounted directly onto my old personal lower straight from the box without a hitch including no filing, fitting or pounding of pins. After bore sighting the scope, the first five rounds on target all touched at 25 yards from a benchrest. After a few adjustments to the scope, I thumped on my 8" steel plate set at 100 yards as well as an Action Target plate rack made for .22s without effort. Since I am a bit of a neat-and-clean freak, the .22 cases are a bit bothersome to pick up which I cured by draping a small veil over the action while firing that allowed for the fired WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY 2010

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