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GUNS Magazine February 2010 - Page 71

this powder Funnel works Jacob Gottfredson I have been handloading ammo for nearly as long as I have been alive. I remember some of the handloading tools that have gone by the wayside, and I have wondered why they fixed some things that weren’t broken. One reason, of course, was the introduction of plastics. And therein, sometimes, lies the problem. During many of the more recent years I have used plastic funnels. They drive me a bit crazy. Powder seems attracted to them like stink on… well, you know the problem. I have used some of the things suggested to prevent static electricity, like washing them or rubbing them with the little fabric softener cloth my wife uses in the wash. But being a bit lazy, I have gotten used to simply pushing the powder stuck to the walls into the case with my finger. Not a good practice. the 30 caliber works fine for my 7mm cases. What I didn’t know is Satern Custom Machining is also a cut rifle barrel maker, manufactures bore guides, rail scope mounts, and other goodies. Satern says the following about the funnels on their Web site: “Funnel will stay on the case without other support, powder flows into case without bridging, suitable for use with smokeless or black powder, as the funnel will not cause static sparks.” The funnel is sold through Midway, Russ Hayden Shooter’s Supply, and Sinclair International. The price runs from $10.25 to $17. satern Custom maChining 320 west, 5th avenue north estherville, ia 51334 (712) 362-4991, www.saternmaChining.Com The TOPS SNW packs a whole lot of essential gear in one handy pouch. tops survival neCk wallet Pat Covert I These quality Satern Custom Machining funnels solve many reloader’s problems. Look them up for other products, like cut rifle barrels, bore guides, etc. Then one day a company called Satern Custom Machining sent me a couple of metal funnels they manufacture. These are nicely crafted funnels, made for exact calibers to prevent spill between the funnel mouth and the case. The bottom of the funnel is made of brass and the top from aluminum. That finally ended my problem with powder sticking to the funnel. I am now a happy camper, or I should say handloader again. Satern might get after me for saying this, but I have found the 6.5mm funnel they sent also works fine for my 6mm and .22 cases, and WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM confess, I’m one of those people who think you can’t have enough survival gear. Just don’t like to get into a situation where the one thing I didn’t pack for an outing ends up being the one thing I need in a pinch. The TOPS Survival Neck Wallet (SNW for short), a compact survival kit, can cover your backside in a lot of instances. TOPS is known for making a mega-selection of affordable tactical and sporting knives, a fact not lost on a lot of our military troops who are on a budget, and more recently they have been expanding their line with a wide array of survival aids, many of which are included in the SNW kit. The kit is centered around a 5.75" tall by 6.75" wide black ballistic nylon neck pouch (not unlike an admin pouch) with a clear, see-thru ID window, two staggered interior pouches, a zippered money/credit card pouch and an additional pouch on the rear with a bright fluorescent red and silver reflective surface. With the pouch you get a world of survival goodies including: a 126 decibel whistle, a small survival saw, a 3-rod Ferrocerium and Magnesium fire starter, compass, P38 military can opener, small LED flashlight, dogtag signal mirror, Lansky sharpener, small carabiner, 24' of fishing line, offset Phillips/Flathead screwdriver, a preformed snare, wide ranger rubber band, large sail needle, and a 3X magnifier/fire starter. If you pack everything TOPS provides into the SNW neck wallet the whole package weighs in at just under an easily toteable 10 ounces. One great advantage of this kit, however, is it can be very easily tailored to fit your needs. For instance, if you’ve got provisions for a knife sharpener elsewhere in your gear (such as in a pouch on your knife sheath), you can eliminate it and replace it with other things not included. For one thing, some bandages and antiseptic packs would be a good addition, or even some waterproof matches for making a quick, effortless fire, or maybe some extra needles and thread/monofilament line for doing a wider variety of repairs. In other words, you can use the SNW as a very efficient starting point for your own personalized survival kit. If you don’t care to wear the SNW around your neck the cord stores into the rear pouch and the kit can be packed with your other gear. The TOPS SNW is priced at a reasonable $49.95 which is well worth the price, especially if it just gets you out of a serious jam. Survival kits are funny things in that they’re made with the hope they’ll never have to be used, but if you do need one the TOPS Survival Neck Wallet will go a long way to filling your needs. tops knives p.o. Box 2544 idaho Falls, id 83403 (208) 542-0113, www.topsknives.Com 71

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