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GUNS Magazine February 2010 - Page 36

or over 50 years the .30-06 was the issue rifle cartridge of F American military forces. The rifles spanned bolt actions, semiautos and even full autos, such as the BAR. The BAR were either select fire semi-auto, full-auto or full auto only. The early Model 1918s were select fire but the later Model 1918A2s could only be switched in full auto from either 350 rounds per minute to 550 rounds per minute. Prices for good, genuine BARs seem to start around $25,000. I don’t 36 Mike “Duke” Venturino Photos: Yvonne Venturino have one. What I do have is an Ohio Ordnance Works Model 1918A3, which is semiauto only and hence can be owned by anyone who can legally own a rifle. It is made with genuine US Government surplus parts except the receivers are newly manufactured. Like the originals this “new” BAR fires from a 20-round box magazine. Not only was a “BAR man” expected to carry the 22-pound rifle, but besides his personal gear he was given a “BAR belt” that held 12 more of the 20-round magazines. That lash-up added about 25 more pounds to his load! The Beginning As most of us already know the US Army adopted the .30-06 in 1906 as the round for the 1903 “Springfield” rifles it had adopted three years previously. At first those rifles were chambered WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY 2010

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