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GUNS Magazine February 2010 - Page 30

• MASSAD AYOOB • A dependable and accurate pistol. eckler and Koch’s most recent carry pistol design is the P30, H ours chambered for 9mm Luger. It’s a plain-looking little gun, an “old school” design except for the radical placement of the HK’S P30 9MM decocking lever next to the hammer at the left rear of the slide and for replaceable grip inserts to change not only the dimensions of the backstrap, but of the sides of the grip as well. The result is a “have it your way” fit to the hand, making good trigger reach more achievable. Capacity is a healthy 15+1 9mm rounds, and the grip fills the hand nicely without being too hard to conceal in a hip holster. The test gun came with two magazines. This pistol is traditional double action (TDA) with a long, heavy pull for the first shot, and a shorter, lighter press required for each subsequent shot until it is de-cocked. Average pull in single action measured 5 pounds, 7 ounces. Double action was very consistent at 10.4 pounds. Pull was smooth in both cases, but “riding the link” is difficult since there is a long re set and still a long travel back from there to actual sear-break. I found my trigger finger chafing painfully after only a few shots. It was getting caught on the HK signature magazine release paddles that ride on both sides of the bottom of the triggerguard. In fairness to the pistol and its designers, this didn’t happen with all shooters involved in the testing. What we did find universally was that with a straight-forward-thumbs firing grasp, the thumbs ride the ambidextrous slide stops and prevent the slide from locking open when the pistol is shot dry. However, if you keep your thumbs out of the way you get super-fast reloads, because there’s that almost-too-accessible slide stop on either side, and the trigger finger can drop the magazine without shifting grasp to use the thumb, thanks to the shape and location of the mag release. The right side slide stop lever feels a little sloppy, but works fine, so long as your digits don’t touch it when they shouldn’t. Europeans don’t like Tritium, and this gun has Inova night sights, which only glow when illuminated shortly before you need to fire in dim light. The trick is knowing when that’s going to be. YouwanttoshoottheP30withthumbclear ofslidelocklever(above).Modularfitwith interchangeablebackstrapsresultsingood graspandtriggerreachforavarietyofshooters. Yourgrasphastobesomewhatbrokento depressdecockingleverlocatedattheback oftheslide(top).Southpawshooterswillhave tocompletelybreaktheirholdtodepress decockingleveratrearofslide. Thesightswerebig,easytoseeand registeredatthefactoryforpointofaim/ pointofimpact.likemostmodernfirearms, theHKP30hasauniversalrail(above)for lightslikethisStreamlightTlr-1.recoilisso soft,it’seasyandfuntoshoottwoHKP30s atonce(below). ThearrowshowswhereMas’fingergotpinched betweentriggerandmagreleasepaddle. WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY 2010 30

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