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GUNS Magazine February 2010 - Page 16

MONTANA MUSINGS • MIKE “DUKE” VENTURINO • PHOTOS: YVONNE VENTURINO A TRULY MAGIC BLACK BOx The PACT MK IV timer. the time between shots, the total number of shots and the time for the number of shots to be fired. Another mode of timing is to set a time frame for the shooting. Then you will get a “beep” to start, another to stop, and a reading of how many rounds were fired during the set amount of time. For use as a timer there is a little metal belt hook so the shooter can attach the “black box” to a belt or even pocket when practicing. The second basic mode of operation for the MK IV is, of course, as a chronograph. This requires a set of skyscreens also available from PACT plus one of their mounting bars for the screens. The bar is set so the screens are precisely 24" apart. It is also drilled and tapped so it can be attached to a camera tripod or a car window mount for a spotting scope. The 24" bar makes transporting to and from shooting ranges easy. Having my own home range, I have built a setup with angle iron so I can mount the skyscreen bar in front of two windows. One is for shooting handguns and the other for shooting rifles. Furthermore, I can raise or lower the angle iron so the screens are appropriate for 100-, 200- or 300-yard rifle shooting. To use the MK IV as a chronograph the CHRN button on the keypad is pressed. The machine will then tell you it’s set for a 24" screen spacing. (That can be changed if the shooter desires more distant spacing.) If the spacing is indeed 24" all you have to do is then press the “go” button and the machine will read “fire when ready.” The MK IV then records the velocity of each shot ThePACTMKIV timer/chronograph gavearateoffire ofDuke’shandloads intheM1Thompson as701roundsper minute.Thatis somewhatslower thanitsnominalrate withmilitaryloads. DukecheckingtherateoffireofhisM1 Thompsonsubmachinegun.Notethe PACTMKIVhookedtohispocket. s a general rule, I don’t like electronic stuff. Perhaps my A attitude stems from my almost total ineptitude in dealing with things like DVD and VHS players. I truly would rather go to the dentist than hook one of those things up. And as a corollary to that general rule I often get especially frustrated with chronographs. Nothing sets me off like trying to meet deadlines and the darned chronograph won’t work. I’ve often said when I retire (what a joke) I’m going to pile up all my chronographs on a stack of gunpowder and blow them all up. That is except for one because it is far more than a chronograph. It’s the PACT MK IV Timer and Chronograph. all, but here are a couple of examples. For the basic one you press the timer button on the keypad to set the mode. Then a press on the “go” button gives a 3-second pause and then a loud “beep” to signal the shooter to start. This “black box” then records the time lapse before the first shot is fired, Finally This is one black box with which I am truly impressed. Chronographs are common nowadays, but the PACT MK IV is far more than a chronograph. In fact its primary purpose is as a speedshooting timer. For that it can be set in several different modes. Space isn’t going to allow a full description of 16 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY 2010

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