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GUNS Magazine February 2010 - Page 14

HANDGUNS • MASSAD AYOOB • Old school or high tech pistol packing? Is there room for both? ertain perennial questions come up in this business. Revolver or C auto, 9mm or .45? And, these days, good old fashioned leather holsters or state-of-the-art Kydex or other synthetic? We each have our own answers for all these questions. My answer is the same for each of them: “All of the above.” Yes, I still find regular use for both round handguns and square ones. Yes, my 9mms and my .45s each get their share of both carry time and trigger time. And, yes, there’s still room in my working kit for both traditional leather and modern synthetic holsters. The reason is, with all three of those intensely-debated questions, what we have to do is tailor the tool to the task— and the task can change from day to day. holsters worn on, rather than inside, your belt, leather’s natural ability to stretch combines with the “belt loops fore and aft of the gun” concept going back to Roy Baker’s original Pancake holster in the 1970s to pull the sidearm in tight to your body and keep it concealable. This seems to work better in leather than in plastic or any other synthetic, to this day. Case in point: Kirkpatrick Leather. My buddy Steve Sager alternates between 1911s and Glocks, but stays constant in his brand devotion to Kirkpatrick. I’ve run with him from New Hampshire in winter to Florida in summer, and whether he’s winning an IDPA match as a Master class shooter or just going about his business carrying concealed, he wears Kirkpatrick Leather. Says Steve, “Not once have these holsters failed to retain the weapon firm and snug. The cut of the holster(s) and the superior quality belt(s) ensure the rig is held super close without movement… I wear Kirkpatrick Leather (belts, holsters, mag pouches) all day… I will recommend this product to anyone who will listen.” HOLSTERS: LEATHER OR SYNTHETIC? The Case For Leather MasdrawsarugerP345fromlevel2Safariland securityholster(above).Botharedepartment issue.Safariland’snewestsyntheticIWBholster (below),shownherewithababyGlock,solves atleastoneproblemseeninprevioussynthetic concealmentproducts—thesoundofthedraw. Why leather? It ain’t just, “because we always did,” though, fact is, that’s part of it. We can’t discount the tradition factor. Tradition is part of the whole world of the gun in America in the first place. And, we must remember, if something lasted long enough to become traditional, it must have worked. History shows leather most certainly does work for this particular purpose. If you’re talking about concealable Fromleft,Glock,Colt,andWilsonCombatpistolsaredailycarryconcealable,match-winningfast withKirkpatrickleathercombinations.Photo:SteveSager. 14 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY 2010

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