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GUNS Magazine January 2013 Digital Edition - Page 74

NEW PRODUCTS Browe Inc. he 4x32 BCO .300 Blackout reticle is based on the popular horseshoe- and dot-style reticle and provides a bullet drop compensated (BDC) reticle for both the subsonic and supersonic ammunition. The 7-MOA horseshoe has a 5-MOA inner dimension and provides an illuminated 2-MOA wide ring for quick target acquisition. The center 1 MOA dot gives the operator that precision shot and can be zeroed at 100 meters with the supersonic round or 25 meters with the subsonic round. For long-range precision, the reticle features a BDC reticle that ranges out to 900 meters for the supersonic and out to 400 meters for the subsonic. It is available in four color options including amber, blue, green, or red. For more info: (800) 407-3150 or ACC .300 BlACkout RetiCle PAtteRn JaSOn mOreaU T chokes in F, M, IM, IC and Skeet. It comes with Turkish walnut stocks finished in high gloss and a raised, ventilated rib with a fiber optic front sight for quick target acquisition. For more info: (800) 553-4229 or Kershaw KnIves he new Kershaw Cryo II is significantly larger than the original Cryo. With its 3-1/4" blade, this classic Rick Hinderer design was built for those who demand more from a pocketknife—more size, more features, and a more streamlined style. The Cryo II is pure stainless steel with matte grey titanium carbo-nitride (TiCN) coating. Three times as hard as chrome, TiCN offers excellent abrasion resistance and reduces friction on moving parts. The loPRo GReen lASeR SpeedSafe assisted opening guarantees the Cryo II opens quickly sIghtMarK and easily. Though this is a larger knife, it’s remarkably slim and he LoPro Green Laser is rides comfortably deep in the pocket thanks to Kershaw’s deepSightmark’s first low-profile carry clip. For more info: (503) 682-1966 or www.gunsmagazine. laser, allowing it to be mounted com/kershaw-knives in front of a riflescope without blocking the field of view. Designed to be mounted on a picatinny or weaver rail, the exPAnded eliminAtoR SCoPe line BurrIs LoPro can also be mounted on the side of a quad rail. Featuring 1 MOA click value adjustments, the hand-adjustable windage he family of Eliminator and elevation turrets allow the user to zero in the laser dot for scopes now includes close range shooting. Visibility ranges over 50 yards in the three new models: daytime to over 600 yards at night. It takes one CR123 battery, 4X-16X-50mm Eliminator which provides 27 hours of continued use, and comes with III, 4X-12X-42mm Velcro strips so the pressure pad can be mounted anywhere for Eliminator II and Eliminator 3.5X-10X-40mm. The Eliminator convenient activation. For more info: (817) 225-0310 or III is for centerfire rifles, and features enhanced ballistic programming where the shooter enters not only the amount of bullet drop at 750 yards, but also the ballistic coefficient (BC) for his specific cartridge. The new Eliminator II accurately calculates ACCeSSoRY the distance out to 999 yards at any magnification, and can also tRAvel CASeS be programmed for any gun and any load. The new Eliminator negrInI/ 3.5X-10X-40mm provides accurate ranging out to 800 yards, InternatIonaL case co. and also can be programmed to work with any gun and any load. egrini has announced full The 3.5X-10X-40mm must be set to 10X magnification when distribution of their patented ranging targets or trophies. For more info: (970) 356-1670 or lightweight firearm, bow, ammunition and accessory travel cases in the US through a partnership with International Case Co. The patented design utilizes double-wall construction of thermoformed, high rubber eSCoRt SuPReme 20 GAuGe left- And content ABS and yields the lightest and most durable case RiGht-hAnded Semi-Auto ShotGun approved for air transport. The benefits of ABS include its high Legacy sports InternatIonaL shock resistance and strength-to-weight ratio, and the lack of he Escort Supreme 20 is a semi-auto for upland game or corrosive materials such as water. The inner upholstery utilizes a clay bird shooting. With a cycle rate of three shots in .43 seconds using 7/8-ounce loads, this is a super fast shotgun! The special cotton/acrylic fabric that is laminated with technical poly foam. At present there are four styles of locks/latches for Negrini left-handed model is a true lefty, with a left-handed receiver and cases: the traditional keyed buckle style, the 3-number dial action. Features include a 26" nickel chrome moly-lined barrel combination lock system, the push-pull safety latch and the new that is proofed for steel shot, SMART valve cycling system that International TSA lock system. For more info: (585) 905-3161 or cycles all types of loads, Legacy’s new FAST Loading System, magazine cut-off for single-round loading and five standard 1556tiCRYo ii T MaxpedItIon he first knife from Maxpedition features a sleek jet-black blade with optimal point and edge geometries to provide a high degree of control during precise cutting tasks. Combine an ergonomic fiber-reinforced nylon handle with a fast-action opening flipper and you have a trusted quality tool that will perform in any situation or environment. Available in a plain or serrated edge and in three different colors—black, green and khaki. For more info: (310) 768-0098 or feRox foldinG knife T T T N T 74 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3

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