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GUNS Magazine January 2013 Digital Edition - Page 68

QUARTERMASTER FeatUring GUNS all-StarS! aggressively checkered aluminum that puts out an amazing 214 lumens from a single 123A lithium battery. The tailcap switch controls momentary and constant-on, and half-taps will quickly cycle you through high, at 214 lumens, low at 40-percent light, and disorienting strobe mode. Runtime is 80 minutes on high, and 180 on low, and retail is a reasonable $105 for this tough little blinder. StreamliGht Protac hl The latest in Streamlight’s ProTac series of tactical flashlights is the ProTac HL, or “High Lumen Output” model, and it sure delivers on that, wringing 600 blazing lumens out of two 123A lithium batteries. All the usual Streamlight features are there, like power-regulating C4 technology, aircraft-quality aluminum construction with a hard-anodized finish, shock suppression, waterproofing to IPX7 standard, and an anti-roll facecap, plus this: The default mode as shipped gives you momentary or constant-on high power at 600 lumens, strobe mode, then low power at 35 lumens, all activated with rapid taps on the tailcap and pushto-click for constant-on. But with their new Ten-Tap programming built into the switch, you can program it to change from Hi-StrobeLo to high power only, or low to high. It’s easy; even I can do it. That’s a lot From 28 to 2,000 lumens, these flashlights all shine with fine features. thE BEst & BrightEst mini-BlinKers To mega-BlasTers. John Connor bout a decade ago, when lithium batteries and LEDs were the new wave in illumination tools, you could squeeze 80 lumens of light out of two 123A lithium batteries, and it would run for around an hour with erratic performance as the batteries lost power. Today that same size little tactical light powered by two identical batteries can deliver 600 lumens almost twice as long, offering multiple light levels and a strobe function, with its consistent power assured by a microprocessor controlled regulator. And the price? About the same as that 80-lumen light of yesterday. Every season brings surprises in flashlights, and sometimes a gamechanging leap in technology. Here’s an array of lights from mini to mighty, to fit one or more niches in your illumination needs. A StreamliGht microStream I carried an original Streamlight Microstream clipped to my T-shirt collar or in a shirt pocket daily for several years. Although it was my least expensive light, it was by far the one I used most—and would least want to be without. Finally, the pocket clip broke, but Streamlight must have seen me coming, because the new C4 model has an unbreakable clip, with another advantage too: The clip is a “doublefolded” design, so you can pocket-clip the Microstream lens down, or reverseclip it to a cap brim for an instant hands-free light. And, C4 technology has bumped power from 20 to 28 lumens from the single AAA battery and nearly doubled the runtime. It’s 3.5" long and only weighs an ounce, yet it’s O-ring sealed for water resistance, virtually shockproof and has an unbreakable polycarbonate lens. I typically use mine for five to 30 seconds at a time, and at that rate you’ll get a lot of service out of its 2.25-hour runtime. Listing at $28, it’s often on sale for less, making it a best buy in featherweight lights. The tiny Streamlight Microstream is always there when you need it. Designed for law enforcement, the “dual-fuel” R1 Lawman by SureFire is a rechargeable, which also runs on standard lithium batteries. The Dark Energy DE-01 from SOG Knives produces 214 lumens from a single 123A lithium battery. SoG Dark eNerGy If you need maximum range and power, Sightmark’s versatile H2000 delivers paintblistering light. At just 3.8" long and 3 ounces in weight, the “Dark Energy” DE-01 flashlight by SOG Knives is a stout, stubby chunk of hard-anodized, Streamlight’s ProTac HL produces an incredible 600 lumens from two lithium batteries, plus user-programmability. 68 W W W. G U N S M AG A Z I N E . C O M • JA N UA RY 2 0 1 3

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