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GUNS Magazine January 2012 Digital Edition - Page 72

DURACOAT FIREARM FINISHES auer custom Weaponry and duracoat firearm finishes decided to put together an all-inclusive, can’t be any easier than this, camo kit. there is no need for any additional spray equipment as everything you need to create a durable, protective and effective camo pattern is included in this kit. the kit includes four 2-ounce duracoat colors, a 6-ounce Aerosol can of trustrip cleaner/degreaser, 4 ounce of duracoat reducer, a Preval Aerosol sprayer, a set of cut-rite stencils, and an instructional dvd. Available in nine patterns including Acu, desert Mirageflage, urban Mirageflage, underBrush, Advanced tiger stripe, Air force ABu, British dPM, flame and Barbed Wire. retails for $69.95. duracoat firearm finishes, EASYWAY KIT l HIPERFIRE iPertouch is a proprietary fire control drop-in for mil-spec Ar-15 lowers and multi-caliber variants that use .154" pins: exceptionally low dream 2- to 4-pound trigger pulls (in 1/2-pound increments), smooth-asglass creep, very clean hammer release with no glass-rod break, faster hammer lock-up, and “designated Marksman” setup capabilities significantly improves shot timing and placement. hiPerfire, (651) 426-3829, HIPERTOUCH DROP-IN h FLEXTONE GAME CALLS he Bone collector series–Bull collector was designed to make all elk sounds. its Mylar reed system allows you to bugle like big bad herd bulls or sound like smaller satellite bulls by simply adding or decreasing both air flow and pressure on the reed. the expandable tube also aids in creating the perfect tone by extending or shortening the tube. When it’s time to cow call, simply pop off the mouthpiece and you are ready to mew like a cow, chirp like a calf or do aggressive estrus cries of a hot cow in heat begging for company from the herd bull. the Bull collector from the Bone collector series does it all. retails for $19.99. flextone game calls, (866) 995-4263, www. BULL COLLECTOR t MAGPUL INDUSTRIES CORP. he Moe+ is a drop-in replacement for the Ar-15/M16 pistol grip featuring a wrap-around rubber overmold for added user comfort and maximum weapon control, interchangeable storage core options, and a hard polymer base to prevent snags and damage to the grip. say goodbye to the days of diY grip tape; this ergonomic design and rubberized texture are ready for adverse environments straight out of the box. reinforced body construction and Magpul’s proprietary polymer guarantee reliability, durability and functionality. the Moe-K is a slim profile, compact grip with a grip angle optimized for use on Personal defense Weapon Ar-16/M16 configurations. the more vertical grip angle improves comfort and control on rifles that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter’s body or body armor. the slim profile also makes it an excellent choice for shooters who prefer a smaller grip circumference. Magpul industries corp., (303) 828-3460, www. gunsmagazine/ MOE+ GRIP AND MOE-K GRIP t COLOR SHOT DISGUISED MAG HOLDERS SPIKES MAG Holders hat you see is not what you see.” name brand knives, multi-tools, and sunglass cases now disguise your spare magazine. You can wear in plain view without a worry. it’s quick and easy to get to, and comes in different sizes for all standard mags. With each purchase, receive a free Kleen-Bore silicon gun-cleaning cloth. spikes Mag, (954) 288-6423, spikesmagholders “W SPECTRA SHOT, LLC pectra shot, llc introduces spectra shot color shot for waterfowl and sporting clays. the ammunition is available in multiple colors (blue, yellow, green and orange) to assist waterfowlers with positive shot identification. spectra shot also creates a visible shot string, aiding sporting clays shooters in proper shot placement. the steel shot’s patented color coating is non-toxic. it enhances the knockdown power of the ammunition, reducing the crippling of waterfowl. Waterfowl shot velocity is 1,400 fps; skeet shot velocity is 1,200 fps. spectra shot, llc,, s 72 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2

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