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GUNS Magazine January 2012 Digital Edition - Page 22

STORY: Dave Anderson manufacturers, police and military organizations, competition shooters and handloaders. Our local club has a 35P set up with artificial lights for use on our indoor range. The most obvious feature of the 35P is the proof screen. The system y first chronograph was an Oehler Model 12, acquired uses three skyscreens. The primary screens are 4' apart, with the third around 1980. Simple though it was by current screen centered between them. standards, I absolutely loved it. Today I can’t imagine Primary velocity (the one displayed, getting along without a chronograph. I hardly need recount and printed on the right-hand column the printout) is measured over the the benefits for handloaders. For long-range shooters, even of 4' spacing. Proof velocity is read over using factory ammunition, it is critical to know velocity the 2' spacing from the first to the middle screen. from your barrel in developing drop and wind-drift tables. If the two readings are not identical, or nearly so, the processor assumes As with virtually anything “shortcoming”? Well, the software/ there was some sort of problem electronic, chronograph technology data transfer is designed for PC (muzzle blast triggering the first moved quickly in the ’80s and ’90s. computers. I’ll be darned if I’ll give screen, for example) and rejects the Chronographs offered far more up my Macs. reading. If a reading is accepted, you features such as memory, statistical can have a high degree of confidence oehler 35P analysis, printers, data transfer ports, in it. even voice technology. And as they If there is such a thing as a classic, The unit provides all the usual improved prices went down. legendary chronograph it is the Oehler statistical functions (average, 35P. It established its reputation extreme spread, standard deviation) Ced millennium over years of use by demanding on the display and prints the data For the past decade or so my most- customers; bullet and powder (on standard cash-register paper, used chronograph has incidentally). I know numbers been a CED Millennium. on paper are anathema to This wasn’t the result of the computer-savvy, dataany methodical testing; it download crowd. It is still just seemed to select itself very convenient for this oldby being so handy and timer to print the data and dependable. It is light and staple it to the corresponding compact and sets up quickly target. What the heck, I still and packs away easily. buy books. It provides all the data I The 35P has always been want, and just generally made to very high standards, has proven to be very well using the best available designed and made. components, carefully Battery life has been assembled. A few years ago, excellent, a feature I it was discontinued due to appreciate as I sometimes lack of printers of the quality forget to bring a spare. It has Oehler demanded. I regretted been very reliable. I found not buying one, When it was only two shortcomings: in reintroduced a year or so low light, say the last halfback I wasn’t going to miss hour or so before sunset, the chance again. Currently it would sometimes miss it is sold only as a complete small bullets, such as package with screen rail and from the .22 LR match stands, all packed in a hard cartridges I use as a check. case. My Millennium is the Dave repeated the velocity test (see chart) placing the Millennium screens Competitors like to say first version. I understand ahead of the 35P screens. The difference was insignificant between the the 35P is “old technology,” the current M2 version has two. Oehler believes the orange diffusers provide more reliable bullet which maybe it is. Another much-improved low light detection over a range of light conditions. All Dave knows is the 35P never way of putting it is “proven performance. The other missed a reading, even a few minutes before sunset. technology.” It provides The chronograph is one of the most valuable tools. sPeed reAdinG M 22 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2

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