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GUNS Magazine January 2011 - Page 76

cannon, which also uses a unique “Sidewinder” switch to step down to 312, 95 and 8 lumens, plus activating strobe, SOS and warning flash modes. Digital regulation provides constant brightness from 3 Cree LED’s powered by eight AA batteries. It’s waterproof, tough and can even be stood up for use as a vertical lantern! JOHN CONNOR TECh-TOOlS & DAZZlING lIGhTS e might be trading on the Turnip Standard and W hunting whitetails with sharp sticks in a few years, but right now even those of us who flick moths out of our wallets can use and enjoy technology our grandfathers could hardly conceive of. ow ’bout being able to punch a button and transmit your exact position anywhere in the world to assure friends you’re safe or call for help? An outdoor adventure audio and video camera that sits on your nose? A flashlight that never needs parts; a firearm which never needs oil or grease? A pocket-size purifier that can render sewer water safe to drink? It’s not future-tech, folks; it’s already here and getting smaller, lighter and more capable all the time. Let’s look at a few of these wonder-widgets, OK? Buck Rogers never had it this good. Three tricky-techie lights include (from top to bottom) Bushnell’s HD Torch, the TK45 MiniGun by Fenix Light and 5.11 Tactical’s Light for Life. H Specialties. The 3-megapixel camera is in the center of the brow bar, and easy to use controls are on the temple bars. Add an 8 GB Micro SD card to 4 GB of built-in memory for over six hours of amazingly good video. Use the included USB transfer cord to hook right up to your computer. The iKam glasses weigh only 1.4 ounces and come with four sets of different shatter-resistant lenses to adapt to any lighting condition. Prescription lenses are available too. ver half of the HD Torch’s 9" O length is packed with sophisticated electronics, which produce a perfectly The name of 5.11 Tactical’s UC3400 flashlight tells the tale: It’s the Light for Life, and it never needs batteries or other parts, never needs disassembly, and never needs service aside from exterior cleaning. After 90 seconds in the charger you’re powered up for 270 lumens max output, or lower standard, reserve and standby levels, plus, a double-click on the switch produces a 170-lumen stunning strobe, for defense or signaling use. The UC3-400 contains no batteries. High-tech capacitors and a proprietary energy management system can handle a full charge per day for over 135 years. The iKam Xtreme video-audio glasses can capture all your outdoor activities. Well, not deep-sea diving, but…. Hunting, fishing or tootling trails, wouldn’t you like to record that view in front of your eyes? You can with the iKam Xtreme from Hunter’s 76 square, absolutely consistent 165-lumen bright white light. Yep; square—high-definition has come to flashlights! Not a gimmick, the sharp edge and clarity have tremendous practical, even life-saving value. Power it on and off with the tailcap switch, turn it on and change modes from steady light to strobe with the sabregrip switch. When power is on, there’s even a glowing “find me” capital B in the tailcap. Fenix Light’s TK45 Mini-Gun is a triple-barreled 760-lumen light- What’s so high-tech about gun parts? It’s not the parts, it’s the FailZero coating on ’em. ave you ever dreamed of owning H a gun that’s a breeze to clean, and never, ever needs oil or grease? WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY 2011

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