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GUNS Magazine January 2011 - Page 24

• C L I N t S M I t h • Lined up on parade with cans attached are (front to back) the noveske AR-15 .223, GAP AI-stocked .308 and heidi’s GAP .338 Lapua. All the cans are also fitted with Tony Burkes’ TAB covers, which help keep mirage down as the cans heat up. Shhhh! qUIEtLY NOW Goin’ to the Can. eah, I know it’s a weird subtitle, but, for me, there is Y truth in it. With an issue of a “neck rebuild” last year, I was in a state where I couldn’t shoot rifles much. In fact, for a while, I was limited to .22 rimfire. The rimfire gig in and of itself wasn’t bad. I learned a lot, got to get a couple of new guns and found some great transition gear like the CMMG .22 LR bolt for the AR rifle. After some repair time, I got to go back into rifle, but the days of the big rifles are probably over for me. I still need to shoot some medium guns if for no other reason but to work. In an effort to reduce recoil I signed on board with the government and all the goofy forms to have ownership of suppressor, silencers or, in our jargon, a can… hence in the last year I have been “going to the can” mode to be able to shoot rifles and realized two benefits: reduction of recoil and reduction of noise. Since we “signed” on to be on someone’s list somewhere, I went ahead and signed up for cans for Heidi’s .338 Lapua, we each got a .308 and, in the “no guts, no glory” mode, we got two for 5.56 calibers. Putting cans on several rifles required minor changes in muzzlebrake-type attachments, but then this subtle change also allowed us to move the cans from gun to gun allowing for different guns to be used for different reasons. All of this in the end being more simple than it sounds, except all the waiting for the government approval thing. Having received it, I placed them on three different guns, so here is a brief summary. The AR platform caliber .223 is based on a Noveske N4 Reece rifle topped by a Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50 PMII scope shooting Black Hills 77-grain projectiles. The can is the AAC SPR/M4 with nominal overall length (OAL) of 8.4" and a diameter of 1-1/2". On an AR, the can makes the rifle a bit heavy but the combination is maxed out in the “see” department and the 77-grain projectile stuff stretches the rifle’s effectiveness way over what the book and or “experts” say it should down range. The rifle is not too heavy, you can see like a hawk with the glass and drill the crud outta targets that in theory you should not be able to hit with this rifle/caliber combo. The can just adds some class to the rig (like wearing a tux to a street fight) and today the world as a whole could use a bit more class. Before the day of the can, heidi and her GAP .338 Lapua get a workout high on the hills. The FTe muzzlebrake works great, but the rifle is loud. 24 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY 2011

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