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GUNS Magazine January 2011 - Page 86

• J O h N C O N N O R • “TOP TICKOFFS OF 2010” There will be more in 2011. es, I have and I wear “Infidel” caps and shirts, and yes, Y some people appear offended. Or perhaps, they’re just made very uncomfortable, not wanting to be around someone who may attract bullets, firebombs, howling mobs of mindless jihadists or “governmental attention.” I point out, “That’s what they call the US flag on that Mexican holiday. me—and by the way, they call you an According to their parents, they wear infidel too. I’m an unrepentant infidel. ’em frequently. Such images are not Stand up and fight or kneel down prohibited, but the assistant principal, and beg, but don’t just crouch there Miguel Rodriguez, escorted them to the school office. sniveling and whining.” Principal Nick Boden offered to I’ll be wearing my infidel gear more as the grand mosque at Ground Zero climbs skyward. I know; it’s being touted by apologists as “a wonderful example of our commitment to religious freedom,” blah-blah-blah. But it’s not being built as an effort to “reach out and heal the Other Top Tickoffs wounds of 9-11”; far from it. It’s stepping on the necks of the The stars and stripes survivors, families and friends are gone too from the US of 3,000 victims—and crowing Department of Justice website. about it. Historically, where Having borne a flag motif for there has been a great slaughter decades, the backgrounds of of infidels and a victory for pages on what some call “Eric Islam, grand mosques have Holder’s Facebook” are stark been triumphantly erected. black and white, and almost Simple as that. every page bears this quote: Those who object; those who “The common law is the will decry the sheer, maddening of mankind issuing from the offensiveness of it are labeled life of the people.” Has a kinda “Islamophobics.” The dozens oh, my INFIDeL cap offends you? Let me tell you what offends me. nice tone to it, doesn’t it? Vague who leaped to their deaths from and nonspecific, but that “will the twin towers weren’t acting of mankind” and “life of the out of Islamophobia: they were being let them remain on campus if they people” stuff sounds really touchyimmolated by Islamic extremists. To turned their shirts inside out, hiding feely, doesn’t it? It’s meant to, and it suggest the mosque at Ground Zero the flags. The boys said that would does not invite further inquiry. But is anything other than a mark of be disrespectful—not to mention let’s, OK? making them complicit in shameful conquest is ludicrous—and offensive. So what exactly is “the common conduct for Americans on American law,” and who gets to say what it PC soil. School officials declared wearing is? Who decides what “the will of Politically correct cowardice those shirts would be “incendiary” mankind” is? Those in power? Those offends me too. Examples abound, on a Mexican holiday, and they who know best what’s good for the but the Cinco de Mayo incident at feared violence. Violent response to people? Kindly, indulgent superior Live Oak High School in Morgan Americans displaying the American beings? There is no mention of Hill, Calif. takes the cake—at least, a flag in America? Oh please, may I constitutional law, statutory law, cupcake. Five American students were say—Bring it on!? inalienable God-given rights—or caught wearing T-shirts blazoned with In the same vein but illustrating any rights whatsoever. It refers to no 86 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY 2011 more arrogance than cowardice: Of all the nations which came to Haiti’s aid after the catastrophic January 2010 earthquake, only one did not fly their national flag over their central aid compound. France did. Britain did. Even little Croatia did. The single greatest contributor of manpower, materials and money to the relief effort did not. Our troops were ordered not to raise our flag. It’s too imperialist, they were told. It’s bad enough when a president fails to honor our flag. But, he won the election; he can behave as disgracefully as he likes. The media and his socialist sycophants won’t object; he’s singing their tune. Forcing our troops to mirror his malaise, however, is manifestly immoral. Go apologize to France again for liberating them. Take over another industry. Spend another trillion or two. But leave us our symbol of freedom as a souvenir of a once-proud republic.

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