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GUNS Magazine January 2010 - Page 8

RIFLEMAN • DAVE ANDERSON • RANGING THE SHOT Do you have time? ne approach to long range O shooting is “clicking” by using click-adjustable turrets to dial in the appropriate settings for elevation and windage. Another approach is to incorporate additional aiming points in the reticle. Clicking is more precise, multiple aiming points are faster. For big game hunting, I like the speed and simplicity of multiple aiming points. Two systems I like very much are the Leupold Boone & Crockett (B&C) and the Zeiss Rapid-Z. The Gras Ranch lodge in southern Namibia has great plains-game hunting. Much of it is big open country, resembling Wyoming or Texas. Our professional hunters, Errol Lambrechts and Jannie Spangenberg, advise hunters be prepared for shots from 200 to 300 yards. My hunting partner and I took around 30 animals, with very few shots under 200 yards. I took two rifles, one a Ruger 77 Mk II .300 Win Mag sporter with Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10X with Rapid Z reticle. The rifle dotes on Black Hills factory load with the 180-grain Barnes TSX bullet. It’s an excellent combination for African plains game, where on a single hike you can run into game from 50 pounds to over 1,000, at ranges from a few yards to as far as you care to shoot. Another favorite rifle is my Weatherby Mark V .257 Wby Mag, the scope a Leupold 4.5-14x40mm with B&C reticle. I used Weatherby factory loads with the 100-grain Barnes TSX bullet. Very accurate (I shot some 2" groups at 300 yards), it is a wicked longrange outfit. In both scopes, the reticles are in the second focal plane. As the power is changed the relationship between the main crosswire and the lower crossbars changes. At first glance this might seem a disadvantage. If the bars are sighted for 300, 400 and 500 yards at one power setting they won’t maintain those impact points at other power settings. Ingenious designers have turned this Springbokwereplentifulonthis2008huntonthegrasRanchinnamibia(above),andtheowners wantedseveralshotformeat.RifleisWeatherbyMarkVin.257WbyMag,scopeisLeupold4.514x40withBoone&Crockettreticle.WithmearetrackerJuliusLasalusandprofessionalhunter ErrolLambrechts.Akeyelementoflong-rangeshootingisknowingtherange.Moderntechnology hasmetthisneedwithlaserrangefinderssuchastheLeupoldRX-1000TBR(below).Extremely light(7.8ounces)andcompact,Leupoldclaimsaccuratereadingsof500yardsongameanimals, 600ontreesorterrain.Davegotaccuratereadingsatleast100yardsfurtherthanclaimed.The rifleiscustompre-’64Winchester70.30-06builtbythelateKeeseyKimballtoppedwithanolder LeupoldVari-XIII2.5-8X. 8 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY 2010

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