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GUNS Magazine January 2010 - Page 68

A GUNS MEDLEY • JACOB GOTTFREDSON • The Guns Of The Snipers Hide Cup 2009. he Snipers Hide Cup 2009 was shot last April. The match T consisted of some 30 events over three days with some night fire and included some pistol events. Rifle shots were taken at 30' as well as 1,000 yards and everything in between. Some were moving targets while the shooter was standing still, some were static targets while the shooter was moving, and sometimes both were moving. Some were shot from a helicopter. Everyone would like to win or do well at this competition because there are expensive prizes and bragging rights to be had. It is interesting to see what competitors from all over the country, Canada, England and Australia bring to the competition with winning in mind. They spare little expense to purchase what they think will best do the job for both pistol and rifle. Many shot .308s, but there were several .243s, .260 Remingtons, a All of the competitors use some kind of hashmark reticle system in their scopes, most of which are calibrated in mil radians, others in minute of angle. Many shooters tape their comeups, wind, and moving target settings on their stocks. Some use handheld computers to accomplish the same thing or carry data books in their kit. All the rifles have competition barrels from various manufacturers such as Krieger, Shilen, Hart, Bartlein, Walther, Broughton, etc. The rifles are generally built by custom gunsmiths to the shooter’s specifications. Rather than lay down a lot of ink, I thought the old adage of 1 picture is worth a 1,000 words might work best, so let’s just check out some of the guns in the Winner’s Circle. Long range Magic 6XC, a .300 Win Mag, a .338 Lapua Mag, and at least a couple of 7mm WSM’s. Herein are some pictures of what sniper’s believe will put them in the winner’s circle, with special attention given to the winner’s rifle. You will note that there is a predominance of US Optics and Schmidt & Bender scopes, Accuracy International rifles or variants, Surgeon or trued Remington actions, and McMillan A3 and A5 type stocks. A A Terry Cross of KMW won the competition by a wide margin with this rifle of his own design. Terry designed the rifle to fit the specific needs of his Law Enforcement customers including SWAT units up to the US Marshals – S.O.G. The action is manufactured by Surgeon to his specifications, as is the stock by McMillan. Note the newly designed adjustable cheekrest hardware. Terry uses a 5.5-22x56mm Nightforce scope. B The ambidextrous magazine quick release is designed to eliminate accidental release while offering quick user access with minimal hand movement. While not shown in this photo, the stock screw access holes are designed with internal snap rings to retain the screws when the stock is removed for servicing. C Terry levels the Harris Bipod with the Pod Loc of his design. The stock has a dedicated bipod “station” integrally molded in for precise fit. This keeps the stock very secure and with a low profile. D Terry has incorporated a Badger Ordnance EFR Picatinny rail for night vision or whatever the shooter feels necessary. It is permanently inletted into the stock. For those wanting side mounted quick detachable sling swivels, those are included as well. B 68 C D WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY 2010

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