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GUNS Magazine January 2010 - Page 38

ChriSTmaS GifT GUide Time To pull ouT The plasTic, people! John Connor ey, we know, and we can empathize, OK? You’ve already been through the difficult part, trying to figure out what the heck might tickle the fancies of folks on your Christmas list who are not one of us. Meaning, they don’t love the smell of burnt gunpowder and Hoppe’s No. 9, the heft and point of a well-balanced rifle or the graceful swing of an old side-by- The 2009 GUNS H side on grouse bustin’ from the bushes. They may not even like dogs, for Pete’s sake—so what can you give people like that? It’s OK, you done good. Gettin’ all 16 of ’em the same kinda slipper-sox, same color—even the same size—was a stroke of genius. On the 26th they can all get refunds and go buy whatever they want. Now you can shop for people you understand. And you better get to it, so here we go! Every shooter’s got a pal or two who owns a 1911 and needs to “get a grip!” If the grip needed must be slim, light, strong, precision-machined, distinctive and durable, check out Aluma Grips. Offered in a colorful array of checkering levels and anything-but-standard designs to “build your own,” Aluma Grips add an attractive and functional custom touch at The gift of an Adventure Medical Kit says, “Hey! I care about you, knucklehead!” and, “Now stay outta my first aid supplies!” Don’t confuse AMK’s gear with el cheapo kits. These are wellorganized professional kits featuring quality components. Their Sportsman kit makes a great gift, especially if you add some AfterBite and Ben’s insect repellent, www. Olongapo Outfitters’ Grab & Go Rig is like the bag that hung by every colonial Minuteman’s door, holding his powder, patches, flint and balls ready to go in an instant. Made to secure multiple magazines for many semi-auto long arms—including the M1 Garand—they are meticulously cut and stitched one at a time, at a price that will surprise you. Versatile and tough, find them at The award-winning Bushnell BackTrack is “GPS made easy.” The user just turns it on, designates a “home” or start point, then using only two buttons, can electronically log two more locations, no matter how far apart. Finding the way back is another simple buttonpunch. The digital compass points the way, and a readout of distance is shown on the large display screen. Amazingly simple, surprisingly affordable, The folks at MTM Case-Gard know how to keep stuff sealed tight and bone dry under the worst of circumstances, and they’ve built it all into their new Survivor Dry Boxes. Offered in two sizes and colors, each has a built-in compass, signaling mirror, double padlock tabs and more. If your pal’s survival gear doesn’t survive—will he? 38 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY 2010

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