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GUNS Magazine January 2010 - Page 14

RIMFIRES • HOLT BODINSON • SIG SAUER’S CLASSIC P229 .22 LONG RIFLE And it can be a centerfire, too. id you hear of SIG SAUER’s “Cash for Your Klunker Handgun” D program? Offering $200 for your klunker handgun if you purchased a new SIG pistol or rifle between September 7th and November 30th, 2009, this classy company has really hit the jackpot with a new .22 rimfire series fielded in the Classic P220, P226 and P229 platforms. The “Klunker” campaign really caught my eye, and I thought it’s an ideal time to wring out their new .22 rimfire autoloader which, by the way, can be converted into a centerfire in 30 seconds. Years ago, if you owned a SIG, it meant you were one of the lucky few who could afford a SIG P210, at that time, the world’s most accurate, general issue 9mm on the market and a handgun indeed built and finished like a Swiss watch. The P210’s mystique in handgunning circles still lingers. SIG, standing for Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschat (Swiss Industrial Company) entered the American market in the 1980s as SIGARMS, renaming itself SIG SAUER in 2007. Today, SIG SAUER, located in Exeter, New Hampshire, is the largest member of a firearms business group including J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Blaser and Swiss Arms companies. SIG is both a distributor and manufacturer of handguns and rifles for the civilian, law enforcement and military markets and also offers tactical training courses at its Epping, New Hampshire, Academy. WidelyUsed The broad adoption of the SIG’s P series of semi-auto handguns by the civilian, military and law enforcement communities is a firearms success story. The SIGs have earned a well deserved reputation for quality and reliability. In the USA alone, SIG’s P series are carried by nearly 1 in 3 law enforcement personnel as well enjoying service with the SEALS, Air Marshals, Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security. Bringing out the complete P series in .22 rimfire is doubly cool. In the midst of an ammunition drought, what better way to train than with a .22 rimfire clone? Yes, cheap ammo and plenty of it, sitting right there on the dealer’s shelves! SIgSAUER’sP229rimfirepackagealsoincluded a.40S&W“X-ChangeKit.”Theconversion kitconsistsofslide,barrel,recoilspringand guideandamagazine,alsoavailablein9mm and.357SIg. SimpleConversion If you already have a P series SIG, all you have to do is change out the centerfire slide system, containing a complete slide, barrel, recoil spring, recoil spring guide and magazine, with one in .22 rimfire. If you don’t own a P series pistol, you can buy the new rimfire model and take advantage of SIG’s promotional pricing package for their centerfire conversion units should you desire to add one or more calibers. Either way, the frame, grip, trigger and controls remain the same, only guts SIg’sP229rimfireprovedtobeafun, lightweight,reliableandaccuratepistol. 14 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY 2010

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