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GUNS Magazine January 2010 - Page 12

RANGING SHOTS • CLINT SMITH • KyDEx FOR CONCEALMENT Comp-Tac Victory Gear is just the ticket. he proper concealment of the handgun is a key salient point T in the application of handguns to personal defense as much as personal awareness and tactics. This point of surprise created by proper concealment gives the carrier the ability to respond to a threat if they choose, rather than be subjected to the whims of an attacker. Bluntly, if the threat had known who they selected to confront was armed, there probably would have been some reservations or no confrontation to start with. It is one thing to rob someone when all goes the threat’s way. It is another thing when the person being robbed draws a gun and decides to fight back. I do not think I would shoot over my wallet or my car being stolen, but I would shoot to defend my family or myself. Knowing I can’t outdraw a gun already pointed at me puts a certain spin on the issue many have not considered. That said, if it appeared to being turning ugly, I would do what I could and must to defend my family and myself. This is just a concept because I don’t believe everyone will always do what they think they will or what they planned to do in a fight. A chat room is one format, a gun pointed at your centerline from 3' away is another. a handgun is a poor choice of weapon to fight with, so I carry the one that makes me the happiest. I only wish the same for others. Also, so nothing slips past us, I have been known to carry different guns, even smaller ones, to supplement my primary defensive handgun. One is none… (you know the rest). TheWayOfCarry Historically, I carry in a Nelsondesigned Sparks Summer Special. I have some Mitch Rosen elephant stuff and some of John Ralston’s 5Shot Leather revolver and ankle holsters custom made to solve old guy issues. Like many things in life, sometimes you can’t build custom cabinets with a chainsaw. That said, I have one other source I am very fond of because they make outstanding concealment holsters, namely the CompTac Victory Gear of Spring, Texas. Baseline Comp-Tac gear is made of Kydex and I have used their belt slides for years because of their tough wearwell tendencies. Recently I have been using two new versions, at least new to me, those being the Minotaur MTAC and Minotaur Neutral Cant concealment holsters. At first they appear to be odd ducks, but after wearing them for only one day I liked them very much. Now after time has passed I am even more satisfied with the holster. It is very flat and holds my 5" 1911 pistol high, tight and secure. Carrying a handgun for personal defense—if done correctly—will be a life-changing or at minimum a lifestyle changing experience. To me, there seems to be this perpetual nag and rag about “Your gun is too heavy, too big,” “They sell all the .380s they make,” “The gun with me…” “This special hollowpoint…” and so on. It seems as the constant diatribe continues I begin to wonder who they’re trying to convince—themselves or me? Personally, I carry a 1911 or an N-frame as a primary gun and I’m happy with my choice. Apparently others can’t say the same as they are very grumpy or defensive and eager to talk about why what they carry is best and why my choice sucks. All I know is Fusion Fusion is the merging of diverse elements to make a unified whole, in this case leather and the Kydex materials make a solid holster. The Comp-Tac binding of these two components together has made for an excellent concealment holster for every day use. The Minotaur holster’s back panel is made of leather while the holster body and belt clips take advantage of Kydex’s strength qualities. The pistol rides high and tight to the body and by feel only—perception vs. reality—rides tighter than my 40-year old IWB styled Sparks Summer Special. Thebutt-forwardcantoftheComp-TacMinotaurandComp-TacBeltfeedmagazinepouchsystem havebothbecomeClint’sfavorites. 12 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY 2010

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