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American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2012 Digital Edition - Page 95

roy HUNtINGtoN GUNNYSACK trUGLo BINocs always had a compact pair of binocs with me when I was on duty as a patrol cop, and it seemed they were constantly being loaned out to beat-partners without sense enough to pop for their own. Ditto in hunting camps, I always seem to he the guy with the good glass so everyone wants to borrow it. It’s like they suddenly realized $19.95 wasn’t quite enough to pay for good binoculars. Cheap means, well … they’re cheap. Which means they will tire your eyes, likely not last through a shift or one day in the hunting field, and will otherwise cause you heartburn whenever you reach for ’em. Plus, I’ll laugh at you. TruGlo, long known for high visibility sights, red-dot sight systems and such, have recently introduced their TruBrite Open-Bridge binocular series. Priced at around the $280 point, they aren’t insanely expensive like $4,000 or something, or of the “$9.95 Bargain Deal!” category at the big box store (sure to fail, almost immediately, and give you a headache as they do it). The Tru-Brites have all sorts of cool features like “phase coated prisms” and an ergonomic adjustment wheel for focus and diopter settings and even have high transmission silver coatings on prisms to go with the fact they’re “environmental/operational/waterproof/ fog-proof” too. I’m not entirely sure what some of that I means, but when I looked through ’em (my test set was the 10x42 model) I could actually see clearly and they brought far away things up-close so I could make them out easily. The last time I looked, that’s precisely what binoculars are supposed to do. During a squirrel attack here a the Huntington Compound, not long ago, I used the Tru-Brite glass to spot while Suzi kept their heads down with a .22 Magnum. No eye strain and no headaches — at least for us. Might have been a few headaches on the enemy’s side. Get your own, ’cause I’m tired of loaning mine out! For more info: truglo or (972) 774-0300 Thank you to all our loyal customers for your business and patience. As reloaders ourselves, everyone at Starline knows how difficult it has been to find quality reloading components on a regular basis. We thank you for sticking with Starline. To help us meet the growing demand for our handgun brass, we continue to build our production capabilities, so we can deliver your brass for the hobby you love. But, we will never sacrifice quality for quantity. Please keep your orders coming to, even when your favorite caliber is backordered, so you can maintain your place in the delivery process. From everyone in the Starline family, thank you for your loyalty to the Starline brand, and remember, A Great Shot Starts with Starline. 1300 W. Henry St. • Sedalia, MO 65301 | 185.29741 American Handgunner_Sept-Oct2012.indd WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 1 1-800-280-6660 3/30/12 1:09 PM 95

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