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American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2012 Digital Edition - Page 69

AccessoRies 5 7 tHe tHiRD-Best tHing JoHn connoR 4 g ranted, the next best thing to a brand-new handgun is a great deal on a used handgun, making that Roscoe a second best thing. So what’s the third-best thing? Easy. Something cool to enhance, refresh, forcemultiply it; an accessory making it look better, snuggle in your hand tighter, improve performance in low-light or inky-dark, personalizes it or just plain tickles your fancy. Think about it: There’s a subtle but significant differ- WonDeR-WiDgets FoR youR HAnD-HoWitZeRs ence between pickin’ up that new or pre-owned handgun, and sayin’ to yourself with stern semi-smugness, “Good to go; okay,” versus sayin’ “Good to go! Cool!” — with a silly-smirky, almost scary grin on yer mug … right? And you know, you handgunnin’ fools, it doesn’t take much to do that, does it? Glad to help, Gonzo; don’t mention it. Now check out these gadgets … turns off. When you grip the weapon, your trigger finger indexesontheTacLoc’sreleasebutton.Asyoudraw,your X5LorC5Lautomaticallyturnson!That’sViridianGreen Laser’s new ECR Enhanced Combat Readiness system. Whenyoudraw—it’son! SeethekindaJ-shapedextensiononthemagazine 2 base plate? That’s Escala Industries’ MRS (Magazine Restraint System). Developed by a young cop, Program your Viridian Green Laser X5L or C5L light-and-laser unit to 1 youroperationalpreferences(light,laser,light/laser,etc.).Then,with theunitturnedon,shoveitintoVGL’ssecure-lockingTacLocholster,andit 1 put,ridehigh,comfyandclosetoyourbody, expose more mag area to grab, and arenicelyrakedforward.They’re available for one or two mags forawidearrayofpistols. There are tons of slick6 shootin’ Ruger .22 auto pistolsoutthere,andthey’reapain theyallowyoutoclipsparemagsintoyourpockets, liketheoffsidefrontpocketsonjeans,withoutusing amagpouch.Ifoundthey’realsogreatforthoseelastic mag/accessory loops in jacket pockets, keeping mags from slippingoutandgivingyouamoresecurehold.Availablefor1911mags, they’llsoonbeavailableforGlockmagazines. inthebutttofieldstripand reassemble. The patented SpeedStripkitbyMajesticArmseliminatesthe pain, plus it gives you a crisp, clean 3.5- to 3.75-pound trigger pull, unleashingtheirtack-drivingaccuracypotential.Installationtakesabout15 minutesandrequiresnospecialtoolsorgunsmith-levelskills. Justtherighttoolforthejob,thenewSTUL—pronouncedS-tool— 7 helps you get ‘yer Glock apart. The STUL (Slide Removal Tool) allows ladieswithlongfingernailsandguyswithsausage-fingersorwork-worndigits to comfortably apply even downward pressureonGlockslide-locksduringdisassembly. you may not think you need it—untilyoutryit,justonce! LCP or LC9 though, no problem — you can buy them directfromLaserMax.Theambidextrouson/offbutton isperfectlyplacedforindexing,andthey’reinsetina dishedrecesstoprotectagainstaccidentalactivation. Ruger’soutrageouslypopularLCPandLC9pistolsarenow 3 available new pre-equipped with sleek,frame-hugging CenterFirelasersbyLaserMax.Ifyoualreadyownanaked * 1911grips.Allarecutforambi-safeties,andofferedin matteorsemi-glossfinish.Theflagtexturereallyworks, providing an excellent grip, and your smile’s gonna shine overtheirlowpricetoo! The folks at Strike Industries are a bunch of 3 4 proud flag-wavers, and they’ve molded Old Glory into some fine, tough polymer and slim-profile For info: www.americanhandgunner. com/product-index and click on the company name. 6 Theproblemwithmanyconventionalpistolmagpouchesisthewaythey 5 slide and twist out of position and create irritating “hard points” on yourhipbones.ThesenewOWBMagCarriersbyCrossBreedHolstersstay WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 2 69 69

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