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American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2012 Digital Edition - Page 60

HigH-tecH geAR 1 HigH-tecH gooDies ligHts, lAseRs, ReD Dots & cell PHones? DAve AnDeRson 3 t he boss man phoned the other day, and Editor Roy wanted me to check out new high-tech gear. “You’ve got the right man,” I assured him. “You probably think I’m talking on what we techies call a 7 1 Laseraimingdevicescontinuetogetsmaller,lessexpensive,more convenient,morereliableanddurable.ThisSML(sidemountlaser) fromLaserLyteisforsmall-frameS&WandTaurusrevolvers.Itcomes withfourmountingplatestofitvariousmodels,and longerscrewstoreplacethesideplatescrews.Thelaser beamcanbeusedineitherconstantorpulsemode. WiththesightinplacetherevolverstillfitaBianchi pocketholster. ThistrainertargetfromLaserLyteincreasesthe funfactorindry-firingandcanbeusedvirtually anywhere.LaserLytehasthreestylesoflaserdevices tofitdifferentfirearmsandprojectamomentarylaser beamwhenthetriggerisreleased.Thetypeshown herefitsthechamber,andeach“shot”registerson thetarget.Afterastringyoucan“shoot”thedisplay targetagain,andallshotswillshow.Becausethere’sno recoilthelaserbeamprojectsabithigh,butIfounda6 o’clockholdgavecenter“hits”forme. Idon’tbelieveinbuyingshootingskillwith fancyequipment,butI’llmakeanexception red-dotsights.I’veseenthemhelpturncasual landline. Not so. What looks like an ordinary briefcase is actually a phone! I can use it anywhere! In fact, I’m at the mall right now. You should see people stare, like they’ve never seen a briefcase phone before.” I heard Roy shouting to his secretary, “Are you sure no one else is available? Anyone at all? An illiterate yak herdsman maybe?” Guess not, since I got the job! Be warned, some of this tech stuff is mighty complicated. I told Roy I’d try and “dumb it down.” He said I was uniquely qualified for the job. Such praise is embarrassing. Since we’re on the topic of cell phones, current versions do a bit more than just talk. With available apps, your cell phone can provide reloading and pressure data; direct you to the range, time and score the match, video competitors in action, and download the video to a website. If you’re a hunter you can get weather reports, sunrise and sunset times, coyote calls, turkey calls and recipes for cooking the turkey. And that’s just scratching the surface. Ah, but a briefcase phone … well, you could only wish, right? handgunnersintoveritableshootingmachines,mowingdownrowsof8" Bianchiplatesat40yards.Red-dotsightshavegottensmaller,tougher, morereliable,withbatterylifemeasuredinyears.Hereareafew examples,clockwisefromtopleft:SightmarkSM UltrashotHolographicsight;theverymoderately pricedSightmarkSureShotReflex;Leupold Deltapoint,whichhasamagnesiumbodyand weighsjust.6ounces;TrijiconRMR,madeinthe USAandaswithallTrijiconproducts,builttough fortheheaviestuse. AdventuroustypesusetinyPOV(pointof view)camerasattachedtohelmetsandsuch whentheyjumpoffcliffsoroutofairplanes. Maybeyouwantavideoofshooting,fromthe shooter’sviewpoint.ThetinyEpicvideocamera issosmallandlightitcouldbetapedtoyourcap brim.Ithasawide-anglelensandrecordsinfull 1080HDmode. CrimsonTracelasersightshaveearnedan enviablereputationforqualityandreliability. CrimsonTracenowhastheMasterSeries.The WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2011 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2012 2 2 4 3 60 60 5

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