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American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2012 Digital Edition - Page 58

Freedom arms Model 97 in .45 colt makes an ideal carry gun for many outdoor activities like camping, fishing, backpacking or working around the farm. Freedom Arms Model 97 PAcKIN’ PIstoL PerFect PIcKING My MArK HAMPtoN o 58 ur own John Taffin coined the “Perfect Packin’ Pistol” moniker, and he’s been on the trail of one ever since. And I have to say, he’s right about it. Unless it’s light and handy, you just don’t have it on-hand. It never fails; you bump into wily coyote or other vermin when you’re not carrying your favorite sidearm. I was doing some chores around the farm the other day on the tractor and had a coyote stand there — and watch me work! If I would only have been carrying a handgun, and I know better! This wasn’t my first mishap. Then my wife and I were checking some of our property’s fence Freedom arms revolvers are well-made, quality firearms, easy on the eyes and will deliver decades of pride of ownership for any shooter. can you say “swiss watch”? that had suffered considerable damage due to the ice storm. A few of the tree limbs had fallen on the wire and we were repairing the devastation. Way yonder, as we say here in Missouri, on the backside of our property, a big bobcat bounced out in front of us. With my quick wit, all I could do was throw the hammer. That didn’t work out, so I thought, okay, I’ve had enough. I called my friend Bob Baker of Freedom Arms and told him to send me something I could pack all the time, and I mean all the time, when I was at the farm. I wanted to wear it on the tractor, riding around on the Polaris Ranger, fixing fence, taking a morning hike, you name it, and I wanted to be packin’. This gun wouldn’t be equipped with a long barrel, like I usually prefer, and equipped with only iron sights. This particular gun would not be a hunting handgun per-se, but an easy packing rig I could carry at all WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2012

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