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American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2012 Digital Edition - Page 52

Dave the Handguns of signature 1911 professional Model with sureFire light. dave does regular work with the texas rangers. Here’s the professional model with custom touches. custom 1911 ordered by a former Marine. Fancy But Functional ong before I had much in the way of expendable income for buying sixguns I enjoyed looking at the works of such past gunsmiths as O’Meara, Houchins, Sedgely and Eimer as well as custom sixguns from the King Gun Sight Company. They were among the top sixgunsmiths customizing Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers in between the two world wars. I found pictures of their works in old copies of American Rifleman as well as several books. Today we are blessed with a wide range of revolvers, semi-autos, and single shots in virtually every possible chambering, as well 52 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2012 L

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