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American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2012 Digital Edition - Page 30

CARRYOPTIONS FroM cLAssIcs to cUttING eDGe IN cArry MetHoDs sAMMy reese The PeRfeCT PoCkeT holsTeR? M any years ago a very good friend called, and from the word “Hello” I knew something was wrong. “I’m okay,” he said, “but I’ve got to tell you something … (long pause) … I had a ND in my pocket. My keychain got inside the trigger of my pocket pistol, and I’ll be damned … it went off!” Luckily he wasn’t hurt, and the million-dollar round went into the ground, through his pants. At the time, I had been guilty of just dropping a revolver or pistol into my pocket on more than one occasion, sans holster. Needless to say, I didn’t do it anymore from that point on. My friend’s ND put me on a quest to find the best way to pocket carry. Since this happened prior to every company having a web page, I was starving for information and had to write to holster makers for catalogs. I took my quest a step further, and went so far as searching out instructors who specialized in pocket carry. The first few pocket holsters were made so tight, they caused a range dance I called the “Pocket Holster Draw Shake and Wave.” The gun would be stuck in the holster after drawing it, and I had to either shake or wave it to get the holster to come off, or use my offhand to pull it off. Obviously those weren’t viable options. Some of the holsters had a hook built in to “catch” on the pants, so the gun would come out of the holster. Those only worked some of the time. Eventually, some pocket holsters became more userfriendly and the shake and wave dance was gone. HOLsteRs RecLuse the unique injection molded trigger insert keeps the gun secure and safe. Lots Of Options I would hazard a guess everyone who chooses to carry a gun, regardless of carry method, is always looking for the perfect holster and I’m no different. I have a few favorites, but I’m always looking for “the one.” I recently met Tod Cole, who had also been on the quest to find a pocket holster meeting his criteria. Tod found with the holsters he was buying it was almost impossible to get a firing grip on small pistols and revolvers. He was also finding the guns were still printing through his pocket. He grew frustrated and decided to build his own. Tod’s initial designs evolved to become his line of Recluse holsters. I have to say, when I first held one I thought, “This thing won’t work.” I thought it would tear up my pocket and it would be impossible to get a grip on the gun due to pocket pressure. I was wrong on all counts. As you can see from the photos, the horsehide J-frame front-pocket holster formed to my pocket quickly. I’ve been using the holster for several weeks now and I’ve found it works exactly as advertised. The unique 1-side-open design allows for a perfect firing grip every time. And more importantly, the holster stays in the pocket every time I draw the gun. The trigger block is what makes this holster safe for all kinds of pocket guns. The patented design is specifically molded for each gun, so the fit is perfect, and the smooth backing of the holster prevented any printing. top of the page: a normal firing grip and a simple draw allows the gun to snick out smoothly, with the holster remaining in your pocket. above: the horsehide outer side of the recluse quickly formed to sammy’s pocket. Re-Holster Hints A buddy of mine asked how I re-holstered with such a specific groove for the trigger and triggerguard. I took the holster out of my pocket and put the gun into the holster, and then put it back in my pocket. The drill is every time you draw your pocket pistol, re-holster it the same way: 1) Remove the holster from your pocket. 2) Put gun in holster. 3) Put holstered gun in your pocket. If you do it this way, you’ll never become a member of the of pocketholster Negligent Discharge Club. If you prefer back-pocket or cargo-pocket carry, Recluse has a holster for you. They’re available for most small revolvers and semi-auto pistols in black leather or natural horsehide. If you don’t see your favorite carry gun listed on the web page, give Tod a call — he’s always working on new models. For more info: or (866) 960-1264 * 30 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2012

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