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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2011 Digital Edition - Page 99

hiGh-tech 1 3 Great Gizmos for Gunners ot so long ago if I heard the term hightech, I’d automatically turn and leave — especially if the speaker wanted me to bet my life on some widget’s performance. Just about anything tagged “high-tech” was guaranteed to be fragile, flukey and highly susceptible to RUD: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly. If it was electronic, and a teensy, red light was s’posed to indicate ON, ready, arming, whatever, the only thing you could count on was the little red light works, period. 2 how hiGh’s your hiGh-tech? john connor n Imageview Binoculars from Bushnell let you take 5MP high-res still photos or video through 8x30 binocs! Just look through the binocs, zoom in, and the camera synchronizes focus with the lens. A flipup LCD screen lets you view and even do instant-reply, then just download pics and video to yourcomputer.There’sbuilt-inmemoryandanSDslotforupto32MBof expanded capacity. Hey! Now you won’t have to stand next to the steel targetstophotographimpacts!Cool,huh? The B300 is just one of GETAC’s built-for-battle, personal computers. Amagnesiumalloyframehostsashock-suppresseddrive,sealedI/O capsanddoorstopreventdamagefromsolidparticlesandmoisture,adaylight-viewabledisplayandmore.Thedualbatterysystemprovides22hours runtime.Thissmart-brickisuptovirtuallyanyjobinanyenvironment.Deer blindvideogametime? So,atthepushofabuttontheAT-7InChargefromBluestonesmoothly dimsandbrightensfrom15to130lumensfromitsCree XP-ELED.Good.So,italsogoesfromspotlighttofloodwith aquicktwist.Okay,that’scool.Andit’simpactandwaterresistant,andhasruntimesof4hoursonmaxpowerand 20hoursonlow.Hmm.Waitaminute:Inductioncharged? Just drop it into its cradle and it’s always charged and readytorock?Nochangingbatteries,pluggingindelicate connectionsorfumblingtomakesurechargingcontacts arealigned?Nowyou’retalkin’hi-tech! 1 5 Now we’ve got computers built to survive bombs, “field electronics” you can smack into left field with a Louisville Slugger without doing much more than dingin’ the finish; devices even your 11 year old would have trouble destroying — yeah, that one: the kid you once locked up naked in a padded room with a bowling ball, and he broke it and ate the pieces. And best of all, we got widgets that work! Here are some of the latest and bestest. year. Some of you commented you wishedtherewereabattery-lessmodel, andapparently,SteriPENlistened!Enter the Sidewinder, the world’s first battery-free, portable Uv water purifier, which destroys waterborne bacteria,viruses,andprotozoasuchasgiardiaandcryptosporidium. TheSidewindercomeswitha1-litertankandpre-filter.Justfill,crankfor90 seconds,andthatrawsewagemightnotbetasty,butit’llbesafe! 2 3 5 6 Therearenight-visiongoggles,Nv’scopes,headset-harnessmodelsand handheldviewers,buttheOTS17byATNisallthatandmore—atrue thermalimagingsystemwhichseesthroughfog,smoke,totaldarknessand mostvisualobscurants.Neithercamouflagenorbrightlightsaffectitssensitivity.Lightweightandcompact,it’swaterproofto10meters,gets4hours ononebatterypack,andcomeswithanRCAvideo/powerhookup! Whether you’re sharpening your draw-and-pop, goingman-on-manwithabuddyorrunningamajor match, the new CED7000 PRO Shot Timer from CompetitiveEdgeDynamicsisyourwonder-widget. Itfeaturesalarge,full-colormatrixdisplay, built-inMatchandSteelChallengescoringprogram,trainingmodules,USB,PC,andIRprintout capability;Rate-of-Firemode,multi-paroptions, rechargeablebattery,Auxinandout,twolevels ofbeepvolume,digitalsensitivityadjustment,a hugememory,and(pauseforbreath) —asurprisinglylowprice! 6 * 99 4 Lots of you folks bought lightweight, compact SteriPEN ultraviolet water purifiers after we told you about ’em last WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 4 For more info: www.americanhandgunner. com/product index and click on the company name.

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