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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2011 Digital Edition - Page 103

BIANCHI mODEL 101 FOLDAWAy HOLSTER GUNNYSACK Roy Huntington O kay, this was another one of those, “Aw geez, how come I didn’t think of this?” moments. Hope Bianchi-Sjursen (yup, Big John Bianchi’s daughter) sent me these two samples of their new “Foldaway Holster” after I spotted them in a press release. I couldn’t quite get my head around how they worked. Once I had ‘em in my hand I got it. Even though they only list autos on the “fit” chart, I didn’t see why a J-frame wouldn’t too, and sure enough it did. Hey Hope, list small-frame revolvers on the fit chart, would you? However, if you carry one, you’re on your own since Bianchi didn’t list it. Get it? Essentially, the simple flap uses the outside of your belt as the inside back of the holster pouch. Check out the “reverse” photo to see how it works, and to check out the J-frame and a Springfield XDm in the same fit! The amazing thing is it only takes two “fits” to handle just about any common auto out there, from SIGs to .22SA or who-knows-what-else. Honestly? I went through my gun safe trying every auto I had, from tiny to big and everyone fit in the Size 10 (shown). That’s a Rohrbaugh R9 in the tan one, and a full-sized 1911 in the other. A size 16 handles SIGs and Berettas and I suppose other brawny beasts. It’s now my new favorite holster since it’s minimalist, lightweight, comfortable and actually carries the gun comfortably. And, can you believe it, only $15! Oh, and that belt? It’s from Purdy Gear and doubles as a money belt, with a hidden flap on the rear to stash your cash. For more info www. americanhandgunner. com/bianchi-int Kahr Arms is pleased to kick off their newest series of Kahr pistols - the CM series. The new line begins with the Kahr CM9093 which is based on Kahr’s most popular 3” barrel 9mm model the PM9093. The CM9 slide is only .90 inch wide and machined from solid 416 stainless slide with a matte finish, each gun is shipped with one 6 rd stainless steel magazine with a flush baseplate. Magazines are USA made, plasma welded, tumbled to remove burrs and feature Wolff Gunsprings. The magazine catch in the polymer frame is all metal and will not wear out on the stainless steel magazine after extended use. Kahr offers the CM series at a great value price but did not compromise on the features, accuracy or reliability found in all Kahr pistols. Model: CM9093 MSRP: $565.00 Factory: 130 Goddard Memorial Drive, Worcester, MA 01603 Sales & Service: 508-795-3919 / Fax: 508-795-7046 Web Address: 7 rd. Extended magazine optional Made in the U.S.A. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 103

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