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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2011 Digital Edition - Page 77

CZ P-07 Alan Korwin DUTY Are Your WordS Killing Your gun rightS? ure, you tell everyone you’re pro gun — but that’s a mistake. People who hate guns (and therefore hate you), believe guns are so bad, only the devil would be pro-gun. “You’re (gulp) pro-gun!? Gasp . how awful!” You lose that argument before you begin. They’ve beaten you with your own words. Next time someone asks if you’re pro-gun (or you feel compelled to just blurt it out), say instead, “I’m pro-rights, how about you?” This changes the playing field, and automatically gives you the moral high ground, because what does this make the opposition? Yup, they’re anti-rights, and guess who wins that, just based on the words. The difference between prorights and anti-rights is self-evident. You win. You’re pro-rights, pro-freedom and pro-self-defense. They’re antirights, anti-freedom and anti-self defense. It’s not about pro-gun and anti-gun laws. It’s about pro-rights and anti-rights laws. This subtle twist of the tongue is what the antis do to us all the time. It’s time to fight back and win the war of the words. S “ Today’s Most Versatile Handgun! FEATURES •Convertible (safety or decocker) •Compact size •New Omega trigger system •Polymer frame with light rail •16+1 9mm, 12+1 .40 S&W •Two magazines You’re pro-rights, pro-freedom and pro-self-defense. they’re anti-rights, anti-freedom and anti-self defense. How many times have you heard the “news” media rant on about socalled “assault weapons”? Those evil deadly killing machines designed only for erasing people on battlefields? They are bashing you over the head with words, and stealing the argument just based on the terms they use. They don’t even know what a so-called “assault weapon” is, and here’s the kicker. Even though you’ve been hit with the phrase repeatedly, you’ve never stopped to connect the dots. People who hate guns don’t know there are dots to connect, they just absorb the term and continue to drip hatred. Are you ready? Assault is a kind of behavior, it’s not a kind of hardware. Bill Clinton cleverly wedged this into the language back in 1994. You see how sneaky and deadly this language thing is? The anti-rights opposition has succeeded in welding the concept of assault — a human Continued on page 93 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM ” PROTECT • HUNT • COMPETE P.O. Box 171073, Kansas City, KS 66117-0073 Toll-free: (800) 955-4486 Phone: (913) 321-1811 E-mail: 77

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