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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2011 Digital Edition - Page 67

accessories tactical , Practical & just flat-out cool 2 s long as my boots hold together, I’m not interested in shoe-shoppin’. My Jeep ain’t pretty, but it runs and it’s paid for, so I hardly glance at new rigs. It takes more than a little fraying and a stitch or two before I’ll even think about replacing a worn-soft old field shirt. But whoa, what’s this? A new holster design? Oh, dude, check out those grips! And hey, what the heck is that thing? Cool! Gotta try it! Yeah, if it’s just about me and regular runnin’ gear, it takes a lot to even stir my somnolent senses. But give me a whiff of new gun-goodies, and they spring to General Quarters before my Mark-II Eyeballs can even focus! And I suspect, a meager handful of you are the same way. Well, aren’t you? Be honest now. add-ons, uPdates & adornment for your ordnance john connor a 1 Wowain’tthesepretty?JohnvanZyckdoesabang-upjobatvZGrips, machiningsomeofthefinest,grippiestandmostcomfortableMicarta andG10pistolgripsontheplanet.ShownhereistheG10OperatorIIina colorschemehecalls“Hyena.”Goahead,drool.ThengocheckouthisAlien gripsingreencanvasMicartaandhisFraggripsinTigerStripeG10,among others.Lotsofgreatdesignsforlotsofgreatguns! 6 and SL variant’s got ’em covered, in 5-,6-and7-shotmodels. 3 5 The Reflex holster by Uncle Mike’s is a new design which combines solid security with lightning speed. Holstered, your piece islocked-in,buttherearenopaddles, switches or buttons to push toreleaseit;justthegrossmotor movement you’re gonna do anyway under adrenaline effect: tucking the butt of the pistol slightlybacktowardyourbodyas’llhave toseethevideotofullyappreciateit, butI’llsharethis:Mygrossmotorskills areasgrossastheycome,andI’vetried theReflexandlikeit! 2 If a day at the range for you means one gun and a box of ammo, don’t bother looking at the tough, quality-constructed Second AmendmentRangePackfrom1776Tactical.Butifyou’reluggingahalfdozenhandguns,upto36magsand60poundsofgear,you’vegottacheck it out. It’s so packed with features you’ll just have to imagine having an arsenal of ordnance neatly compartmented, mounted on your back, and bothhandsfreeforyourlongguns! Tiredofslashingthumbsandbustin’nailsloadingthose.22to.380 ACPmags?FollowingonthesuccessoftheUpLULAUniversalPistol Magazine Loader for larger calibers, Butler Creek now offers the Baby UpLULA for all your .22 and pocket-popper mags. It fits single-stack magsfromvirtuallyallmakers,and,ofcourse,itmakes unloadingfastandeasytoo. 5 6 When I first saw PB Precision’s Glock magazine replacement base plates,Iwondered“Uhh?Why?”ThenItried’em,andIgetit:Deep groovesgive“grabfactor”onpotentiallylethalstuckmags—evenwith gloved hands — and a little extra mass and weight helps kick ’em out slicker when they’re not stuck. When Murphy taps you on the shoulder, you’llbegladyou’vegot’em. 3 4 * For more info: and click on the company name. BobbyMac’sisallaboutwheelguns,andthat’s whereyou’llfindperhapsthebestrevolver speedloader extant — the SL variant. Besidesbeingdurable,reliableandfast, they’re actually easily adjustable for spreadandangleofrounds,hencethe “variant.” Dimensions differ a little or alotbetweenmakesofallframesizes, 1 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM 4 67

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