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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2011 Digital Edition - Page 52

A DOUBLE HIT! At left is the Umarex/ Colt/Walther .22 Long Rifle, and at right the Regent R100 .45 ACP. Duke found them affordable, solid shooters. MIKE “DUKE” VENTURINO PHOTOS: YVONNE VENTURINO .22 AND .45 ACP Besides the special photo grips by Handmade Grips Duke put on the Regent R100, he also acquired an El Paso Saddlery floral carved holster. A perfect combo for the growing “Wild Bunch” action shooting going on. UMAREX 1911S L et’s paraphrase, “The shot heard around the world”; how about, “The pistol made around the world”? That would be the Model 1911, designed by John M. Browning, first made by Colt and now in its 100th year. It has been manufactured in the United States, Argentina, Norway, China, Canada, The Philippines and Spain to name a few. Now we can add Turkey and Germany to the list. A relatively new name among firearms importers, Umarex USA is bringing in both versions. The companies of Umarex, Carl Walther and Colt collaborated on the .22 versions, with all three names stamped on them. The new Turkish made 1911 offered by Umarex is named the Regent R100. It is a straight copy of the Colt U.S. Model 1911A1 or Government Model, whichever WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2011 52

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