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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2010 - Page 97

GUNNYSACK T Roy Huntington PEWTER 1911 GRIPS he father and son team of Adams & Adams Engraving is famous for their stunning, heirloom quality engraving. With over 2,500 guns engraved, this father/ son team are, without a doubt, among the rarified top world-class engravers out there. Mr. Adams Sr., did work for Colt and Ruger, among others. Make sure you check out their website to see this stunning art. But this is about another kind of art. They are also involved with creating and casting pewter figures and useful goodies. Among those useful goodies are a series of grips for different handguns. John Adams, Sr. was kind enough to send me a sample of their latest offerings. These happen to be for 1911s, but others fit single actions. Pewter is an interesting grip material. Being heavier than aluminum, they lend a certain “heft” when on a handgun. If you’re shooting an all-steel 1911, these increase the weight by a few ounces, which although it seems modest, can go a long way toward softening recoil if you’re sensitive to such things. Plus, there’s a certain elegance to figured metal, whether it be an iconic emblem like the Marine Corps. shield, or simply deep relief carving and engraving. Mr. Adams says minor final fitting might be needed due to variances in guns, but if you’re deft with a couple of small hand tools, and take your time, it’s no sweat. Most I’ve seen seem to screw right on though. The really surprising thing is the price. If you think “around $50” you’d be close, mostly, but Mr. Adams asked I tell you to contact them directly to get exact quotes, as metal costs change and different models vary. A very simple, stylish way to make sure your 1911 is well-turnedout for public appearances, if you ask me. For more info: Get all six Special Editions and Save $14.70! Individually they’d cost you $59.70. You can get them all through this offer for only $45.00! A LOOK INSIDE: • Less Lethal Options • Mossberg’s 590A1 • Blade Geometry 101 • Protecting your Family • Concealed Carry Options • Cowboy Guns for Home • Handgun Retention American Handgunner 2010 Personal Defense Annual A LOOK INSIDE: • The Kahr P45 • Practice for the Fight • Laser Lights • Guncrafter Industries • Wilson Combat Style • Personal Defense Strategies for Airline Travel American Handgunner 2010 Tactical Annual A LOOK INSIDE: • S&W Pro Series 1911 • Becoming a Gun Writer • Handgun Not Enough? • Bullet Casting • A Hunter’s Must-Have • Reloading • Packin’ Pocket Pistols American Handgunner 2010 Special Edition Annual A LOOK INSIDE: •Armalite AR-30: .338 Envy •Combative Rifle Hunting • PPSH41 vs The M2 Carbine • Magpul Moe Frankengun • What’s in your Survival Kit? • Combat Shotguns • Reality Based Cane Tactics Guns Magazine 2010 Combat Special Edition Annual A LOOK INSIDE: • Stance Nonsense • Rejuvenate Your AR • Personal Protection for Spouses • The Tactics of Light • A Bunker Mentality • The Immortal Remington 870 • The Right Tool for the Job American Cop 2010 Special Edition Annual A LOOK INSIDE: • African Big Bore Rifles • The DPMS RAPTR • Lil’ Lever Guns • All 1911 All The Time! • T/C Encore Pro Hunter • S&W I-Bolt • Kit Up - Cool New Gear Guns Magazine 2011 Special Edition Annual (outside U.S. $85.00) WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM Complete Your Collection. GET ALL SIX FOR ONLY $45.00! You will find something in each of these issues to use at home or in the field. Visit us at PO Box 502610 • San Diego, CA 92150-2610 or 97 Order your copies today while supplies last. 9 a.m. Call toll-free 888.732.2299 Mon-Fri 3 p.m. PST

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