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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2010 - Page 26

John Connor GUNCRANKDIARIES TM EXCUSES, ALIBIS, PITHY OBSERVATIONS & GENERAL EPHUS “Full Of It”? Take THIS! Shameless Plugs For Selected Pistols D id you guys see that letter to me in the May/June issue (Speak Out, “The Whinery”) on page 16? This diplomat starts off with “Connor, you’re full of it!” and goes on to accuse me — and the rest of the Handgunner crew, apparently — of bein’ suck-up sycophants for gun manufacturers; pimps for the pistol-makers. He named my Jan/Feb 2010 column specifically, where I tootled about the triggers on Ruger’s LCR and the SIG P250 Compact. Yeah, that one. Here’s how I know (a) he’s not a regular reader — not of this column, dozen-plus years ago, the answer woulda been simple: My plainJane 4" stainless Ruger GP-100, in .38 Spl/.357 Mag. It’s super-strong, Doomsday-durable, and ammo for it was abundant everywhere. It’s not my favorite carry-piece or favorite shooter, but a very intelligent “one-gun” choice. I’ll never let it go. Since then though, .38/.357 has dwindled in popularity and supply, the survivability of newer pistols has escalated, and … That “balloon goes up” scenario can take many forms, and venue would be important. Are we talkin’ about food riots, the only music is distant sirens, blue suits on the streets in riot gear, and radio messages urging people to “let the ’thorties restore order”? Am I at home base in the High Lonely, stranded in a whistle-stop town on the plains, or stuck in a concrete metro-jungle? Hmmm … I’ve got a Kimber Pro TLE/RL II — a present from The Memsaab Helena — which might just be the best-handling, most agile steel-frame 1911 I’ve ever touched. It’s a “Commander-size” piece with a 4" bushingless barrel, Meprolight night sights, checkered rubber grips (done right!) and a dust-cover rail. The action is silky slick, and its precision is palpable. For perhaps purely personal reasons, the balance and “pointability” are perfect for me. Okay; maybe for you, too. It’s a great gun for The Big 26 anyway — and (b) what he’s full of. In seven years writin’ this diary, I think I’ve mentioned maybe a half-dozen specific handguns. That must make me the poorest pistolpimp on the boulevard, wouldn’t ya think? I bet you can guess why I said what I did about ’em … cause it’s true, and it’s good! If you tried those triggers, what did you think? Whether either of those guns fit your needs or not, did you get the same kind of impressions I did? Just curious … Now, to achieve two goals — first, to stick it up The Whiner’s snoot, and SIG P220 Combat, after bein’ sandwiched between rocks and crushed by tractor treads. The rocks broke — the Doomsday gun didn’t. ‘Nuff said? second, to answer a question readers have asked many times in different forms, essentially this: “The balloon goes up, Connor, and you must reach into your heap o’ handguns and grab just one. Which one would it be?” Stand by to get pimped-to-the-max, folks! After all, I’m just a suck-up sycophant. Ummm … Good Question! A Crapshoot — played for your life. As a general rule, I don’t care for DA/SA actions, but another top contender is my SIG P220 Combat, also in .45 ACP. The P220 already had a legend-level reputation for survivability under harsh conditions, and with the friction-reducing and enhanced corrosion-resistance upgrades built into the 220 Combat for the SOCOM trials, it truly earned it’s “To Hell and Back Reliability” tag. I was present at Firepower TV’s proving grounds in 2006 when those madmen heaped two days of horrific abuse on the first five specimens off the production line. Nobody, including the SIG rep, expected any to survive. They all did, firing and functioning superbly. That’s when I realized, DA/SA or not, I had to have one — just in case. But under a rising black balloon, I might just reach over and grab my Smith & Wesson M&P45. Light, extremely accurate, tank-tough and featuring an optional manual safety, which exactly matches the arc of my thumb, it points on-target as naturally for me as a Browning Hi-Power, and that’s sayin’ something. And, the extra firepower of a half-dozen spare 14-round extended mags to back up standard 10-rounders gives it an edge dealing with mobs of “post-event” marauding morons. OTHER SCENES, OTHER CHOICES r, have the blue-helmeted foreign “guest” troops been invited in to help enforce the U.N. DisarmingThe-Rabble Treaty, and my best source of ammo re-supply is, well … them? Then I might grab a recently refreshed Gen-1 Glock 17 and a bagful of mags. I don’t care for the Gen-2 or -3s, and haven’t tried the Gen-4 yet. But I’ll put absolute faith in that old stock Glock. Am I a movin’ covert in the concrete jungle with my name on a “reeducation camp” list and concealment is critical? For that, I’ll take my HK P7 PSP, rebuilt by Frank Duren in Nixa, Mo. It’s one of the sturdiest, slimmest, flattest, most inherently accurate and concealable pistols ever made. Wait … is this a “Final Footfall” scenario? End Times, after the impact of that three-mile meteor? The grid is not just down, but gone? Okay, maybe I’m back to that GP-100 again, and takin’ my chances on ammo availability. Whew! Have I shamelessly plugged enough guns? Can’t wait for all the baksheesh and freebies from manufacturers to roll in! I’ll split ’em with you, Gus. Your half would be … 50 percent of ZIP. Connor OUT O * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2010

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