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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2010 - Page 94

GUNNYSACK BROWNING HI-POWER LED LIGHT Roy Huntington know, I know … another flashlight. But this one is part of the trend toward going to AA batteries, and it’s a trend I like. You can find AAs anywhere, they’re proven technology, they don’t melt-down in your light or in your pocket, and with today’s LED technology, you get more run-time and higher lumens than you can imagine. This latest from Browning called the Hi Power (As in Hi-Power pistol, get it?) comes in this handsome silver anodized body or a black body, complete with an inlaid bit of genuine walnut as used in Browning stocks. And, they do something all-too many lights fail to do today — they work simply. No brain-drain here folks. The side button pushes once for on (bright), hit it again and within a second or so and it goes to a dimmer mode, hit it again and it goes off. Simply turn it on, it goes to bright, and after a second or two, if you push it again it simply, well … turns off. So you have on (bright), dim or off. So I when you’re hands are cold, your brain is fried and you need a light right now, you, um, uh … push the button to turn it on. Who’d a thought? On high the Cree XPE LED delivers 145 Lumens and about 1.5 hours of run-time. And that, boys and girls, is as good as many of the “combat” lights today using CR123 Lithium batteries. On low it will run for up to 4.5 hours at 60 Lumens of light, enough to realistically handle just about any chore or survival situation. And with a few AAs in your pocket, you can easily get scads of burn time if you need it. The end-cap will un-screw a few turns to make sure the light won’t turn on accidentally in your luggage, and at about $75, this is alotta’ light for the money. The AA thing makes it even sweeter. For more info: productindex 94 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2010

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