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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2010 - Page 28

The F Gun’Riter’s Mike “Duke” Venturino SHOOTINGIRON “ TM THUMB BUSTIN’ MUSINGS FROM THE DUKE If you’re not laughing at this, there’s something wrong with you! Photos: Yvonne Venturino or this column I am sharing this note sent to me via my gunsmith buddy, Tom Sargis. Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors belong to the writer, not me. Oh, and I withheld his name since I have some kindness left in me, in spite of what he has to say! Burde N rothers and sisters, this is a prime example of what I call “The Gun’riters’ burden.” About the only thing this yo-yo got right is that it’s a “free country.” I can write pretty much about anything I chose. If readers like it then that great eminence in Missouri, Editor Roy, will keep printing it. If not, well then I’m history. Several things in this fellow’s note can only cause other gun’riters to smile. Here’s a few, “ … made all his money.” What money? If someone finds a bag of money labeled “Duke” please get it to me quickly. If a gun’riter has a pile of money he didn’t make it writing for gun magazines! “He did become famous.” If I’m famous where are all my paparazzi? I can move about the world freely without being stopped by autograph seekers. “He is selling books and making a killing.” That one is just great. I wish! My “killing” on those books every year is just about enough to finance my attending a season’s worth of BPCR Silhouette matches — precisely the thing Mr. Dimwit Perhaps Duke did says I’ve turned my back on. And turn his back on single if I turned my back on it, how did actions. After all, this I finish seventh overall at the 2009 one is jammed into NRA BPCR Silhouette National a hip pocket. heaVy WeighT B while I have you on the line I looked on Mike Venturino’s site, as I had somethi ng I wanted to let him know. I have sold all of his books that I bought, I am no longer a fan of his, as I think many others feel the same way. It has to do with his abandoning his cowboy stuff, which he made all his money on, and built his fan base on, and taking up the dress and armaments of our enemies, past or present. I am a veteran, and can’t help but feel betrayed when I see him with a full auto mp40, with a german helmet on, or with some russian sub gun. I kno w it is a free country, and he has a right to morph into what ever he likes but he did become famous, and make a lot of money writing articles about big bore single shots, lever guns, colt saa’s, and all the othe r ‘guns of the old west’ he is still selling books and making a killing, but has dropped all that stuff. One read er in a magazine a while back made the comment that when he saw Mike wearing that krout helmet, he was shocked, and said that he thought Mike was on our side! My sentiments exactly. He conveniently has no link to contact him on his own site. I don’t mea n to drag you into this, Tom, I am not mad at you at all, really. It is just that you are the point of contact for Mike. Tell him how I feel. That is why I sold all of his books because that is the way I feel about wha t he is doing. I won’t read another article of his, or buy another book he writes, either. That’s too bad, too, as he was originally a big reason that I got into the old west guns in the first place. Times change, and I gue ss people do, too. Just my thoughts.” — Name with held Championship? Heck, that was my best ever finish. Perhaps the most absurd complaint in that note is about that photo of me wearing a too small German helmet while cradling a World War II vintage German MP40 submachine gun. And I might add, while also wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Wake up, Ding-Dong! It was a clown photo. It was meant for laughs. If you didn’t laugh at that one, you’ve got your buttocks pinched way too tight, and there’s gotta’ be something wrong with you. Recently, I had a serious, life threatening health problem, which hospitalized me for many days. (That bag of money labeled “Duke” would really come in handy right now, by the way). To the doctor in charge I said, “Doc, you got to get me through this because my life is perfect.” He looked at me oddly for a moment and replied; “No one has ever said that to me before.” And I was not exaggerating one bit. I can bear that “Gun’riters’ burden.” Oh, Life Is Perfect B 28 ack in college in Psychology 101, we were taught a basic tenet of mental health. It was that humans need new experiences to keep their heads screwed on right. I still have a rack of Colt SAAs, S&W N-frames, Winchester lever guns, and Sharps and Remington Rolling Block single shot rifles. To them, in the last few years I’ve added World War II handguns, rifles, carbines and most recently a modest collection of World War II submachine guns. The basic thread running through all but a few of the firearms there in my vault is they are historical. I have not become a “demon of darkness” or a “cornfield commando.” I am a “shooting historian.” And I might add I’m having a blast in learning about all those firearms. My mental heath is great, my head is screwed on just about perfectly, and my buttocks aren’t cramped from over-pinching! * WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2010

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