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American Handgunner Sep/Oct 2010 - Page 22

PISTOLSMITHING Alex Hamilton THE INSIDE SCOOP ON PISTOLSMITHING TECHNIQUES Ground-Breaking Tripp K-1 Sight Simple is always best, and Tripp’s K-1 does away with springs! he two most important words in advertising are “New” and “Improved.” The firearms industry ain’t much fond of the “improved” word because it kinda says, “There was something wrong with the bloomin’ thing in the first place, and Lord knows we sure couldn’t admit that.” However, the word “new” is splattered around like paint on some scary piece of modern art. If you don’t believe me just go to the lobby at SHOT Show and look at everything on the “new products” table. Most are labeled new but have nothing newer than a polished hammer or some other barely detectable mark, yet there they are for the entire world to see. “Hey, this year you can get it in blue!” Now enters one of the firearms industry’s greatest inventors and most talented men, Virgil Tripp, inventor of the world renowned STI polymer handle, steel rail 2011 pistol and Cobra magazine. Virgil, president of Tripp Research in the beautiful little west Texas town of Alpine, has come up with a “new” patent pending adjustable rear sight quickly to become an industry gold standard. Virgil’s innovative rear sight is designated “K-1” and is truly unique in every aspect of its design. enough, but for the most part the sight will fit right into the low mount BoMar cut with no alteration. To correct this infrequent problem, the rear slot will have to be milled about .040" forward with a ¼" mill cutter. The rear blade is beautifully serrated with sharp 40 LPI serrations designed to give you a nice, non-glare black sight picture. The front sight used with the Tripp sight mounted in the low position should have a height of between .185" and .200" to keep the elevation adjustment in the proper range. Tripp Research’s new K-1 has rocked the boat when it comes to innovation in sighting systems. T irst of all, the Tripp Research rear sight has no springs, yet has positive click adjustments for both, and self-contained windage and elevation screws. Yep, that concept is hard to imagine, but you heard right! There are no springs to jump out of place to be lost forever if the elevation screw is raised so high it loses its grip. Gunsmith note: There is no “confounded” spring-loaded detent for click No SpriNgS! F elevation adjustment such as in the Bo-Mar and Bo-Mar clones. Another feature you will notice immediately in the exploded drawing is the base. The dovetail base is stationary, with the rear blade assembly moving vertically on a dovetail. The entire assembly is a masterwork of the inventor’s mind. An additional appealing attribute of the Tripp rear sight is the fact it will fit into most Bo-Mar low mount cuts. I have run into a couple of exceptions when the deep cut made for the rear of the sight body is not cut forward Future Fun O verall design is a strikingly thin body, straight line angular one that sits flat and blends well into the rear of the 1911 slide. It’s the perfect complement to today’s modern 1911 pistols. For now the sight is only offered with a flat serrated square notch rear blade, but future blades such as white dot, fiber optic or possibly Tritium will be presented. Virgil Tripp is the international guru of the model 1911 so this sight is designed specifically for that pistol. However, it could be made to work on others. If you like what you see here and would like to buy a K-1 for $118 please contact Virgil at Tripp Research. And by the way, if you think the K-1 is out of this world, wait ‘til you see what the great mind of Virgil Tripp has on the drawing table for you later! * For more info: 22 WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER2010

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