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American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2012 Digital Edition - Page 72

when darKness reigns Just blast it with these lights! ne evening, in his first year at FancyPants University, my son was halfway up the crowded interior stairwell of the Sciences Building when the grid went down and the lights winked out. There was a moment of silence and someone whispered, “The emergency lights will kick in” — but they didn’t. Then, he said, “It was like tossin’ a hand grenade into a chicken coop! They were about to stampede!” He unclipped a Streamlight Microstream from the collar of his T-shirt and shined it on the wall for maximum reflection. The chickens calmed down. Then o John Connor he took an old SureFire G2 Nitrolon out of his book bag and commenced “traffic control” on the stairs. “Thanks for bein’ such a pain about always having lights, Dad.” That’s my job: Being a pain. Now take a look at this assortment of photon-tossers, and just imagine me twisting your arm, okay? And remember, according to Roy-Boy, “His Editorial Immenseness” — you need “more ‘en a hundred” flashlights until you have enough. So keep countin’. Connor OUT 3 1 5 6 7 2 try the tk70 from Fenix Light, a stunningsearchlightwiththreeCree XM-LLEDspumpingout2200lumensinabeamwith720metersofreach thatwillblisterpaint,fryspidersandquick-drywetwaterfowlinflight!Itrunsfor over seven days on four D-cell batteries. With three lower light levels, a strobe mode,andit’swaterprooftoIPX-8standard. the people at terraLux went out and watched cops, firefighters, EMts, utility workersandengineersactuallyusinglightsonthejob.theysaw’empopping penlightsintotheirmouthstoputthelightexactlywheretheywantedit.theyalso listenedtotheusualcomplaintsaboutdim,fragilelightsthataltercolors.thenthey designedtheLightStar80,aheavy-dutypenlightrunningontwoAAAbatteries,hasa softrubberBiteGripandahighCRI(ColorRenderingIndex)LED.Goahead,biteone. LEDLenser’sMagneticRechargingStationmeansyoucanjuststickitupand it stays — and charges, from a USB charger or the wall-charger. It’s a tiny powerhouseanditknocksout200lumensonhigh(3hours),15lumensonlow(7 hours)andhasastrobe.It’salsogotanifty“1-thumb”beamfocus. BriteStrike’sCampAlertPerimeterSecuritySystem(CAPSS)isnotmuchbigger thanthe9-voltbatteryrunningit.IthasaflashingLEDsystem(redorblue), comes with fishing line and attachment options for setting your trip-wire and if thepinpulls,screamsoutwitha135dBalarm.AlsocomeswithtwoAPALS,tiny waterproofLEDsyoucansettoconstanton,ortwoflashingmodes. themilitaryhasgonenutsfortheCAPSSandsoshouldyou. Atonly3.8"andthreeounces, theDarkEnergy214fromSOG knivesisastout,stubbylittlepowerhouse blasting out 214 lumens for 80 minutes from a single CR123 battery.Ahalf-taponthetailcapswitchdeliversmomentary40percentpowerand anothertapdeliversfull-powerstrobe.Apush-to-clickprovidesconstant-on.Sometimes“blindinglybright”isjustenoughlight. 1 4 2 3 SureFire’sR1LawmanLEDisarechargeablemulti-modemulti-powerpracticaltacticallightthatdoesn’trequirea2-semestercoursetooperate!threeoutputs from750to15lumensareselectedbytheheadswitch,whilemomentary,constantonandstrobemodesarecontrolledbythetailcap.ItusesaLi-ionrechargeablebatterypackortworechargeableorstandarddisposableCR123Alithiums. 5 6 7 FansofViridianGreenaskedforamicro-lightthatwouldn’tprotrudebeyond themuzzle—justanice,brightmulti-programmable100-lumenlightwith a140-lumendazzlinglittlestrobe.theydidit.theCtListiny,tough,anditsECR technology integrates with Viridian’s tacLoc holsters so you set it, holsterit,andwhenyoudraw,it’son! 4 72 * For more info: and click on the company name. WWW.AMERICANHANDGUNNER.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER2012

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